Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: Why Christians should have nothing to do with “Star Wars”

Now I need to make this very clear on the front end. For decades I was a “Star Wars” fan. I was still a teenagers when the first movie came out. Now I have heard the excuses like “It’s just a sci-fi. It’s just in outer space. It’s just a story.” All the brainwashing excuses. It still causes you to form an opinion, it still causes you to think, to ponder, to wonder. It is still a fairytale, written by men that as I write this are still alive today. That is the key element of this whole argument, I am about to pursue.
As of the fourth movie or “Episode One” as it is known. This franchise made it clear that it was anti-Christian.
With the virgin birth of Darth Vader. A person that turned to evil. It was made clear that these writers hated Christianity. The concept of the “force” is a direct assault upon God Himself. Thus making it clear that the universe, which is the creation is the place of ultimate power.
Romans 1 makes this type of belief very clear and explains how those that reject God when His prove of existence is right before them. They turn to fantasies and say this is the way of the universe, and so are led astray. There is evidence that “Star Wars” in some corners is worshiped as a religion now.
What this boils down to is this.
Any who profess to be a Christian, should not give any finical support of this franchise, which includes no longer dealing with Disney as well, which has its own issues.
Do I expect this to happen? I would only hope it would, that would be the true last hope.

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