“You must keep your faith out of it.”

These words or those like them are stated to and by Christians on a daily basis.
This is all due to the Johnson amendment. Which was designed to silence the pulpits from talking about how this nation should be run in the eyes of God through the teachings of the Bible.
For centuries it is from the pulpits that the people of nations were informed of the happenings of their fellow citizens and news of import. With the Johnson amendment they were silenced. All due to greed. If you talk about the government and politics you lose your tax credit status and must pay. This law was an attack against Christianity as well as our first amendment rights as citizens of this this nation.
Now due to this law many Christians think they should not stick their noses into the politics. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Not only do the original laws that form this nation come from the Bible itself, but also that fact that no nation comes to be without the approval of God Himself. So Christians should be and need to be involved. Not only in politics, but all aspects of life. Not for us, but for God.

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