Movies, TV and Christianity

This has been an ongoing issue basically for as long movies have been in existence. One think that all agree upon when looked upon in the correct light. Movies affect how you think. This was reinforced during World War II when Hollywood directors went into the military and applied their profession to the war. Through their work we got film events like the Battle of Midway, and the Aleutian Islands, as well as events like the first American Bomber to complete 25 mission with the same crew, the Memphis Bell. These directors knew that movies influenced how people thought and behaved. This has never changed.
I am not saying Christians should totally stop watching movies, even though some have. Many as they grow in their faith and understanding of the Bible come to comprehend that movies and TV are something that they need to be more selective about. I myself tend to watch older movies that still had a morality within them that was instituted by the production code of 1934 for movies in the 1930s due to an increase in nudity and other unsavory aspects. An Example, are you aware that Maureem O’Sullivan appeared nude in “Tarzan of the Apes” in 1932. You can see this in the unedited version of the movies. It was this movie and others that brought about the code for movies due to Christian uproar.
Too many watch movies and TV and just take what they see for granted not thinking that their actions have consequences. Their participation actually encourages more movies and TV shows to be made with the same aspects. A TV show called “Will and Grace” enabled the TV series “Modern Family.” The behavior shown in these series are counter to Christian teachings and thinking. However many that call themselves “Christian” watched and still watch these shows. So they encourage sin and thus per James 4:17 are in turn sinning themselves. Christians need to be more active with their faith and beliefs in how they choose what they are going to partake and spend their money upon including movies and TV.
Whenever I see something that is counter to the teachings of the Bible I no longer watch them. Thus I do not give my time or my money to these TV shows and movies. For those in Hollywood have shown time and again that they will do all in their power to influences how you think, even if it is only on the screen for a few seconds at first. That few seconds will turn into minutes then hours then all the time. It is up to you as a Christian where you wish to stand, with God or with liberal Hollywood.

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