Why is there “chance?”

Not “chance,” as in gambling, but “chance,” as in why something happens beyond what is perceived to be within our control. However, it is in part due to your actions and those of other. This is a byproduct of free-will, and in many cases humanities inherent nature to sin.
Our choices and our actions through free-will is what governs our activities every single day. From getting up in the morning to driving to work and either going straight home or doing something totally different. At the same time those that live about you are doing close to the same as you. Their action may take them in their own direction. You will most likely never see them. You will most likely never encounter them. Yet here is where chance comes in. You meet them in a way in a store, at the gas station, driving down the road. Then one day, one moment, your lives interact through your free-will choices and chance enters your life. You have a wreck for example. You meet your future husband or wife. This is the chance created by free-will.
This explains all the happiness, all the sorrow. All the greatest moments in history to the greatest horrors in human history. All due to the chance of free-will. This alone, this chance, should be enough to confirm the existence of God. This also shows that the teachings within the Bible understands this basic element within God’s instilment of free-will within all of us. Does this fact make God responsible for the best and the worst? No.
What it does show and confirm, that it is up to each individual person, through their free-will to decide where they wish to proceed. To make the right choice, they must be informed of ALL their options. ALL their choices, be it good or evil in result. A choice that shows all aspects of humanity, be that of believing in God of the Bible to those of other religions. To those that deny the existence of God.
The Bible makes it clear that we are to teach all children. However parents for nearly one hundred years have neglected or intentionally failed in this task. So thousands if not millions have no concept of what is the right or wrong choices they make on not only their daily lives and interactions but ultimately their very salvation itself. So as this misinformation continues; the increase in darker, sadder, more horrendous events within chance occur. This is as it has always been. As the cycles of understanding turn to misunderstanding. So too does the cycles of violence, increasing and decreasing as the true teachings of the Bible are learned and then forgotten. Violence increasing as the teachings of the Bible are forgotten and then decreases when they are remembered.
All due to the corruption within us due to both Adam and Eve eating of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. All humanity lives in sin and only through the acceptance of Jesus as our Savior are we cleansed. However even though our souls are clean we still live within a sinful body, and due to free-will we will still have encounters with others in humanity be it good or bad. It is still chance.

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