The eviction notice is posted

The eviction notice for the human race has been posted. Time is running out for humanity in this current temporal format. But what was the eviction notice. It came in two parts. The first was the acceptance of carnal sin and its legalization. The second, which in a way was the true first, but its actions being exposed after the first can make it the second, was the slaughtering of unborn infants for their body parts.
A huge celebration went across this nation for the first and the second has been buried into silence or over shadowed by the death of a wild lion. The mere fact that people celebrated the former and cared more for an animal over the slaughter of innocence showed God that the human race has crossed a threshold that has been crossed before. This time it took nearly a thousand year to cross, which was an improvement, but it has been crossed none the same. From here it is all downhill for humanity and it is time to choose your eternal fate.
But what are our options?
This is what the Bible states. Those that accept God and follow His teaching will most likely be persecuted, ridiculed and hated in the time remaining to those that are upon this planet at this time, but in return we will be rewarded by being allowed to explore the universe and all it wonders by doing this task or that task for the Lord God Almighty.
For those that accept this world and enjoy its pleasures will receive a pit of fire as worms eat upon their eternal flesh for all eternity.
Just for the record I have chosen the former and have embraced that fact that I may have my own head cut from my body with a dull knife. It is something that I know will hurt but I have accepted it and willing to die for my faith, my beliefs and my God.
I am willing to stand for the teaching of God and that the murder of an unborn child that is more important than a lion. I am willing to say you must not live in a sin to the point of “legitimizing” it by a ceremony you think God will accept and acknowledge when in fact it is compounding the sin and making it worse. You are actually sinning worse and so the result will be worse.
God knew us before we were conceived. If God can know us before the sperm and the egg join then our souls are present within the womb, and the child within the womb is a living human being. All this body we live within is just a vessel to carry our souls about till God says our time is finished in this temporal reality. We either have severed God and our task for Him is finished or God has seen enough and wishes our sins to end before they are made even more compounded as others have chosen to do.
Here is the thing. God may know who will make it and who will not, but we don’t. If we turn from God there is still a chance to return to Him.
God may count you as one of His, but you will only know this if you make the choice. If you make the effort to turn to God. We are governed by free-will. It is our choices that we must make. We are making them because how we choose will ultimately teach us and allow us to be able to serve God in whatever task we are to be assigned in the eternal future that is to come. What these tasks will be is unknown for we are not to know at this time.
But what we do know without any doubt is the fate of those that turn away from God and embrace the pleasures of this short and temporal life we all live within. The fate is listed in the Bible in Isaiah and in Revelation. It is within the pit of fire where those that will be sent there will always be thirsty, will be burned and will have their flesh eaten by undying worms, as undying as they themselves will be having been given an eternal body just as those that serve God will receive. It will be real, as real as you looking at this computer screen or cell phone as your read this right this moment. Just this real but never-ending.
This is the fate of those that do not turn from their sin. This is the fate for those that commit human sacrifices by crushing the skull of an unborn child and then cutting his or her flesh apart for their organs. Just as was the fashion for those that gave sacrifices unto gods of stone and gold. The animal’s organs were cut out of them and each given in a further sacrifices to these carved blocks of stone, but that is not how these abominations are done now. They are done for the greed and glorification of humanity instead of a stone idol it is for Lamborghinis and fancy homes and vacations. This shows that this humanity that is so corrupt that these children’s deaths is seen has nothing when compared to the death of a wild animal in the middle of Africa. Weep. Weep for if you do not change, now your fate is sealed and it is going to be horrifying and ever eternal.

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