What will be in the eternal life?

One think I can say for sure. Those that make it into the eternal life will not be sitting upon a cloud playing a harp.
What the Bible says will take place? There will be those that are called up into the Rapture and they at that time will receive an eternal body. These will then follow Christ upon His return to earth.
There will be a thousand year reign of Christ. With Him will be those from the Rapture helping Him rule. Simply they will be serving God helping to govern those that are alive after the Great Tribulation. Those that were martyred will serve God Himself in whatever task He so desires for them to do.
Once the Thousand year reign is completed and Satan is finally thrown into the pit of fire. Any that followed him will join him there with their own eternal bodies but instead of happiness they shall suffer for all eternity.
All we know for sure is that those that come through as loyal servants will be able to live in New Jerusalem. It does not say they will stay within it but that it will be where their home is.
Now the eternal body. This is something that needs to be understood more fully as well. It will be perfect and free of corruption for it says the corrupt shall put on the incorrupt. There will be no sex. Jesus stated that this will end. Why? For one reason there will be no need to reproduce since we will no longer die. This is the evolution to a higher live form that many think will take millions of years to take place and will only be open to those alive at that point when this evolving takes place leaving those that died before hand out.
The Bible makes it clear that ALL shall receive eternal bodies for all humanity that has ever lived but those that followed Satan will be destine to pain and misery. While those that followed God would be rewarded and see happiness.
The Great White Throne Judgment also addresses those that never heard of God. Their live shall be judged and there will be those that never knew God but lived good lives and they shall allowed to live in New Jerusalem. Those that are found wanting in the sight of God will join Satan in the pit.
So here is the thing. If you wish to “evolve” serve God and accept His Son the Lord Jesus Christ and follow all the teachings within the Bible and understand this: If it is called a sin in the Bible then it is a sin and you should turn your back upon it no matter the pain you must suffer now. For the pain you suffer now will never compare to the undying pain promised Satan and all his followers be they angel or human.

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