True Christians truly do care

But most don’t want to hear what they have to say.
A Christian is like a parent to their children. They know what is right and have been through the same pains their children are going through, but the child doesn’t want to hear the advice or even accept the discipline that is sometimes required. This is extremely prevalent with those that do not wish to spank their children. Do you know that the Bible states if you do not spank your child you actually hate them (Proverbs 13:24). Now why is that? Because in some cases the only way to get through to the child is to cause them pain. Now I must say you do not need to go to extremes like that football player did a year back with the switch… that is too far and too much. But it is through pain that we all learn our lessons even as adults, it is usually emotional pain for adults though.
Without pain we do not learn if you do not learn then you are destine to repeat the same wrong over and over and in so doing will become lost to the point that Christ may even spit you out of His Body (Revelation 3:15-16). To allow this to happen is a type of hatred. It is this hatred that Christians do not have and any wise parent does not have either. For a truly loving parent truly and wholeheartedly loves their children and wishes them to do only what is good and righteous.
It is through confrontation with those that sin that Christians spank. Now you have to understand, most dictionaries give the incorrect definition of the word “confrontation.” Most say it is some type of violence. This is not correct. It is in actually a standing for your principles and not backing down from them. It is staying solid to your point and making it clear that for example if something in the Bible is said to be bad, wrong and something you should not do it is a sin. It is here that those sinning get a pain within them and it is a pain they wish to run away from. But truly good Christians will, reprove, rebuke and then exhort (2 Timothy 4:1-5) them to do what is right in God’s eyes and cause them to go down the painful road.
The pain is required.
There is no way around the pain. Trust me on this one, been there, done that…. Not fun. But from that pain my faith and trust in God grew, my believe in God grew, my understanding of God grew.
Now I can tell you I do not see things like a lot of other Christians do. In fact I do not think any Christian thinks exactly the same as any other Christian. I am willing to allow science to prove God while there are those that think science is nothing but a lie. Now you have to also understand that someone’s theory stated in a scientific manner as fact is a lie. In fact most “theories” are a joke, but when you apply true science you come to understand that God is real.
Case in point, the belief in multiple universes or multiple dimensions as it was originally called. The Bible states this is real. Is not heaven another reality? Yes it is and this is where God and His Son Jesus is at this very moment. So in this the Bible and science agree.
Do I think there are things in science that need to change? Yes. I think carbon dating needs to be revised since when it was first established our understanding of how the layers of the earth were made are not the same as they are today. Like for example the asteroid that hit the Yucatan Peninsula. This was not discovered till recently but it added several inches if not feet to the layering of the earth. So something that took place in a few days in reality is shown to be several hundred to thousands of years in carbon dating. So this shows that science needs to be re-evaluated.
This is how I differ from other Christians, but one thing is constant in all true believers. If the Bible says this is so or that is so. That is fact. So if something is a sin it is a sin and you must stop this sin. The greater the sin the greater the pain. Homosexuals must leave their lovers and end that lifestyle. Will that be easy? No. Will it be painful? Yes, but per the Bible it must be done and has been done (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).
But because God loves you, you must endure this pain to be with Him. If you do not endure this pain and wish to live in sin then you will have everlasting pain. That is why when someone that loves you makes you suffer pain for a short time it is for your own good and it proves they love you. For an eternity in pain is all you will have if you are hated and do not know the short and temporal pain we experience here in this reality. For beyond the temporal will come the eternal and it would be worth the pain suffered here. Because to see the beauty and joys that come from an eternity serving God throughout His creation which is the entire universe.
So which do you wish to suffer? A short momentary pain or a pain that will never cease for billions upon billions of years?
This is why we must suffer punishments from our parents, and from God. And this is why the Bible verse says if you spare the rod you hate your child for by not suffering this momentary pain you are cursing them to eternal pain and only someone that hates someone could do that. We all must go through the pain for once we have emerged upon the other side we are better than we were before.
Stop seeking out the temporal pleasures of this short existence. An existence that will last slightly longer than one hundred years. Seek out the existence that is promised to all that follow the teachings of Christ within the Bible. Turn from sin. Stop living in the moment and start living for that which will last forever.
This is why true Christians care so much for their fellow humans. This is why those that truly follow Christ’s teachings say you must stop living in sin. Any that says you can live in your sin and still get into the eternal hates you, for odds are in favor they hate themselves and all misery loves company.
Accept Jesus Christ, turn to Him and ask His help to end your sin, and realize that there will be pain that follows, but also realize that pain is fleeting, but it is much better than the alternative of a joyous and painless life now and the total opposite for billions of years later.
Heaven is only a holding ground for those awaiting the return of Christ upon the Mount of Olives. Beyond that day eternity begins.

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