An “unfair” God

This is one of those things that just amaze me. The other day I ran a post and I got a reply stating that something in the Bible was “unfair.”
This says two things to me. First and foremost, they have no true understanding of God, and second they wish to humanize God, by saying that He is capable of error. Let’s look at the first and hopefully it will address the second issue, but I doubt it so I will expound on that a little as well.
God is the creator of everything, with Him by His side Christ has always been present. God caused the Big Bang and the universe became real. God created all life throughout His creation. This is stated in Genesis. God is all knowing and all perfect. From Him comes order to the universe, and this order has a truly natural order. Certain elements do certain things. New life from that which was created must do certain things to continue on. With the merest thought He can cause an earthquake, a volcanic eruption and the rain to fall. He causes a cricket to sing with its legs and a bird to fly through the air. From Him ALL is ordained. God is not “unfair.” In fact the mere fact that we breathe, think, and walk is due to Him being fair. God could never be “unfair,” and so anything that comes from God is for His glory and perfection, even the fall of man from grace is fair. Why? Because He doesn’t want puppets on strings but people that freely and willingly accept Him as who He really is even though because humans have free will all that is horrid and horrible takes place. Why, because humans are imperfect and corrupt and only imperfection and corruption can come from them at this time. But still this is what God wants to take place so only those that truly love and honor Him will do so, for He is the Creator of ALL!
There are those that either do not know this or don’t care to know this. They think and believe that men made the Bible. Yes men penned the Bible, but per 2 Timothy 3:16 God inspired their words though the Holy Spirit. Men are the tools of God, not the other way around and so to say something written in the Bible is “unfair” is saying God is unfair. If God were unfair he would not have given humans a way to commune with him through the blood sacrifices given to the Jewish nation. If God were unfair then He would not have allowed His Son to come into this reality through Mary. If God were unfair He would not have let His only child suffer torture, pain and anguish, but He did. Is this something that someone that is unfair would do? By all means NO!
Then if God is not unfair who is? Those that would rather live in sin and parade about as if they are a children of God. That is who is unfair. They are unfair because they care more for themselves then God or their fellow human beings. Those that are truly unfair force their way of life in the face of others not caring what damage they do. That is not only unfair, but it is hatred, for they not only hate other humans but they in reality hate God. Now that is truly unfair.
Colossians 4: 1 Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven.

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  1. Years ago, I whined to a friend about an unfair situation in my life. She looked at me and asked, “Is it fair that Jesus died for your sins on the cross?” Ever since that time, I have looked at my definition of fair versus unfair and chosen grace of God each time!

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