Some hard truth: Folks just refuse to see the problem

In yesterday’s post I spelled out the need to follow the commandments in the Bible and showed with the Bible the foundation for this belief.
Part of my response, due to the how my post was received yesterday is to quote from John MacArthur:
“I cannot be saved by keeping the law, and I will not be sanctified by ignoring the law.”
Just following the commandments alone cannot save you. I completely agree.
He goes on to say this important statement: “I will not be sanctified by ignoring the law.”
What does this mean?
It is very simply. Everything I discussed in yesterday’s post fits perfectly with this.
Only through accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior can we be saved. However once saved and to grow in our sanctification we must follow the commandments, as Jesus Christ Himself said we must do.
As was witnessed by yesterday’s response most do not wish to grow in their sanctification. They would rather live their lives as they deem to be enough. This again is counter to the teachings of the Bible, as I have been trying to point out for the last couple of posts.
There is only one destination with this type of mentality and it is a place that most think they will never encounter, yet as I have made clear this is the furthest thing from the truth. Thus why these articles have been entitled “the hard truth.”
Ponder and think readers, ponder and think.

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