Jesus is REAL

re-post (2015)
The Bible states to mark those that divide and cause conflicts. They are said to use sweet words that will entrap the simple minded and their goal will be to satisfy themselves and no others. (Romans 16:17-18)
“Mark” is skopeo in the Greek and means to consider, take heed, look at (on); regard attentively, take heed, beware.
Due to the administration of Obama this nation is in dire straits. A prime example of this behavior and since people did not “mark” this person as a problem we now find this nation in the worst state it has ever been. Even the depression years were better than the state of this nation today. This occurred because people stopped learning from the Bible. They turned for a solid foundation to a foundation built upon sand.
A prime example of building upon sand can be traced to the 1906 earthquake. Most the damage was due to a major section of the city being built upon landfills. It caused what is called liquefaction of the ground beneath these builds which cause their destruction, then the fire occurred which did even more damage.
This is the fate of many these days. They are the simpleminded allowing others to do their thinking for them and not thinking for themselves, nor learning for themselves. They take the word of others, which those that wish to cause conflict use to their own needs and desires, for from selfishness comes all evil.
This nation will either go through a revival like no other that has ever occurred in the past or it shall parish. My personal believes lead me to think for the worst and this nation will soon fall into further disarray. Too many have surrendered their freedom thinking they are sticking to the system when in fact they are enslaving themselves and being used as pawns in a game that will result in the death of millions.
I wish someone to prove me wrong and cause this nation to enter into a great revival, but that would mean many have to suddenly see the truth for what it is and who the truth really is. That would be Jesus Christ by the way. (John 14:16)
When someone truly follows Christ the scales fall from their eyes and they see the world as it truly is. They know through His death upon the cross for them that they have sinned against the Creator and they have a truly repentant heart and abandon their sin. They start to strife to do what is right and what will give glory and honor unto God.
There are many that think they are one with Christ and with God, yet they live in sin. They say that the Body of Christ must change and accept them. This is not how it works. They must change, not Christ. Those that think this way truly do not understand. To them the “Church” is something that is holding on to ancient believes and values and they must change and embrace the future.
They do not think Jesus or even God is real, but a creation of man. This in itself shows that they are blind. Jesus DID walk the earth when He was called to do so by His Father the Creator of this universe, God. Jesus never sinned and was unblemished. Jesus did perform miracles, even the Pharisees agree to this by calling Him a sorcerer. Jesus DID die upon the cross, for no Roman solider would jeopardize their own life for someone they thought to be a common criminal. Jesus did rise from the dead on the Third day for again the Pharisees try to say the guards they ordered to watch the tomb had fallen asleep and that the disciples had stolen the body. The very same disciples that were in hiding and sorrow over the death of Jesus. So they could not have stolen the body and so yes Jesus Christ did return to life and is alive to this very day. “But where is he” many ask, Do not scientist believe in multiple universe? Yes they do, the thing is the Bible has said there is such a thing for over two thousand years, for is not heaven another reality? Yes it is.
So again and again more evidence points to Jesus as real, as alive and as the Son of God. Yet people wish to change what the Creator said must be. They wish to life in their sin and be one with God, however the Glorified Jesus Christ made it clear to John in Revelation. You can either be hot for God or cold for God, but you cannot be both for it is better to be cold for God then to be lukewarm. In other words living in sin and saying you are one with Jesus.
It is now you must chose. You are either for Jesus WHO is REAL and ALIVE, or you are for sin. Pick now, for time is running out.

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