How scientist discount God, but how science proves He is.

This is not going to be a thesis paper with supporting documentation. It is simply one man’s observation of the facts presented to the world.
For example: The big bang.
This to me is one of the ultimate proves of God. An explosion of mass at a central location that radiates outward and results in a huge universe of billions of galaxies with millions of stars within each. Sure sounds like creation to me.
Now look at the behemoth in Job. A tail upon the creature is described as being like a Lebanon cedar. For the longest time many could not say that, this “behemoth” was in fact a dinosaur since for years they had tails from dinosaurs dragging the ground. Then scientist figured out that their tails actually went straight back and looks like the trunk of a cedar tree, long straight and tappers to a point. Moreover, Lebanon cedars were huge, used as pillars and masts. So again, science confirms the Bible and thus confirms God. Just think on that for a bit.

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