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I am Dreamwalker1960. Yes I know this is a handle and not a real name. Why? Because I am not the focal point of my podcasts or my blog post. What is important is Jesus Christ and what He did for all of us upon the cross.
But why Dream walker? Well that has everything to do with this verse within the Bible:
Acts 2:17 – ‘In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.
Well since I was born in 1960 you can guess that I am an old man and I have dreamt dreams that I know came from God.
I was born again in 1984 and filled with the Holy Spirit. At that time I was called to minister to the youth of the middle and late 1980’s. However due to multiple things that took place I failed to follow through with this ministry.
As I grew in my faith I came to a point to start a new ministry. Making Christian based comic books. I even has the financial backing for this one lined up, but again falters and allowed this ministry to fail.
During these times I married, became a father, divorced and married once again.
Then as I moved further and further away from God. I entered into what I have dubbed as “my year of Job.” Here I was divorced once again, evicted from my home. Lost most of my personal possessions and strived to raise a ten year old boy and work all on my own.
During this I came to my rock bottom and had to make my choice. Acknowledge and serve God or deny Him and live of the world. I chose God and started the Dreamwalker1960 blog. Since then I have posted well over 700 post. Most dealing with the Bible.
In time as I was doing this I came to understand the next level of my calling. To address my blog to what is called the “lukewarm” of Revelation 3:15 and 16.
Rev. 3:15 – “I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish that you were one or the other! 16 But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!
Who are the Hot?
The hot are those that actively seek to have a relationship with God through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
Who are the cold?
The cold are those that deny there even is a God and prefer to live their lives as they see fit.
Then the lukewarm is a combination of these two extremes
A person that believes in God and that His Son is the Lord Jesus. They even profess to be “Christian” yet they deny the teachings of the Bible and live their lives as if there is no God.
These are the lukewarm.
I will go a step further in this definition. I will say they are those that have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and have turned their backs upon Him.
Now here many will say that once you are saved you cannot lose your salvation. That is why I have making my podcast and posting to this blog. For it is my ministry to show those that said the previous statement to come to an understanding within the Bible itself that will show that is not true.
I will break down the scripture to its base languages. First by using the New Living Translation for those that can’t handle Old English and then I will break down each verse and most words of these verse to their original language. That being Greek, Hebrew and in some instances Aramaic. I will do this with the Strong’s concordance.
For example: kingdom
In the Greek is 932 or G932, G – meaning Greek
In the Hebrew it is 4438 or H4438, H being Hebrew
Then at times I will delve even deeper by going to look at the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament. When using this dictionary the men that worked on these books look at how the word was used when it was originally written down. Even to how the word was perceived to the culture that was not interested in seeking after God or the word of Jesus.
For those that wish to study a long will need the follow:
First and foremost if you have a NIV Bible —- THROW IT AWAY!! I am not joking, get rid of it.
I cannot implore this enough. Again something we will discuss in the next podcast.
At the very least if you cannot handle Old English get the New Living Translation (NTL)
However if you really wish to learn the Bible you need a King James Version. Not a New king James the KJV.
Why? The closer you are to the original source language the closer you are to truly understanding the Bible.
Along those lines you need a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. This will get you closer to a better understanding for as I mentioned before it gets you into the Hebrew, the Greek and even in some cases the Aramaic. These were the original languages used in the writing down of the Bible.
Why Hebrew? Many don’t understand why the Jewish people are so important. The Old Testament comes from the Tanakh which is the name of the entire Biblical teachings of the Jewish people. They are the first chosen of God and should be honored and respected.
Through God, Abraham is the father of the Jewish people. Jesus came from the Jewish People and through His Sacrifice upon the cross allowed sin to be removed from us, if we ask for it. The first Christians were Jewish. Today they are called Messianic Jews. Then the gentiles were invited into the fold. So if the Jews are the child of God, we Christians are His grandchildren.
Why Greek? The answer to this was shown in the Reformation started by Martin Luther. The Catholic Church which used and uses Latin had corrupted the Bible. So their versions of the Bible had become tainted with false teachings like for example “purgatory,” which can be found nowhere in the Bible. It was when Martin Luther started coming into contact with the original manuscripts that were written in Hebrew and Greek that his epiphany took place. You see Constantinople fell to the Muslims in 1453. It was in this city that the original manuscripts in these two languages were stored. The monks and priest that had kept them saw the coming fall of the Byzantine Empire and so fled with these documents into the west. It was in 1517 that Martin Luther posted his “95 Theses.” So you see how coming into contact with the true teachings, in their original language, is so very important and can change not only your life, but the world.
So it is here that we will leave off this podcast and I hope for you to listen to more of my podcasts as I release them.
God be with you.

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