Confessions of a screwed up middle-aged man: I just can’t

Many ignore my articles, and I know why. Because they view them as negative. Well I am not going to argue with that point. Why? Because I just can’t be positive. Why? Because I refuse to bury my head in the sand. I and others that echo my message which there are more than you realize are seeing the truth that comes from the Bible.
Hosea had this problem as well. He was instructed by God to marry a whore, and of course she was disloyal to him, but he never gave up upon her. Not only that he gave warnings to Israel that they had turned themselves into whores, but God would not abandon them.
Well the United States of America is now a nation of whores, but Jesus will not abandon those that truly seek to be His loyal servants.
To be a loyal servant you MUST place God at the core of your every action. Form the words you speak to the way you drive, to the way you raise your family and the way you interact with your co-workers as well as bosses.
The moment you care more for sports, more for what celebrities said or did, you have become a whore. The moment you break the speed limit you are whore. The moment you do not place others before yourself you are a whore.
I cannot turn away from God.
I cannot turn away from Jesus.
So I must be continue to be ignored by the whores, and you know what I don’t care. For teaching the truth is more important to me.
All Glory unto God Almighty and His Son my Savior!