I watch as I see the arrogance of humanity rise to the top. Once again thinking that humans have power over all. As a result they allow themselves to become overconfident. They think they know better than others. They feel that all others are their pawns, their puppets. Their toys to play with as they so desire.
As a result people die, people starve and suffer. Do they care? In a superficial way. They blame their errors upon those that think that God is the way to go. They call those that believe in God ignorant and stupid for believing in what they see as a non-existent entity that adds nothing to the equation. They blind themselves to history. They blind themselves to the evidence before them.
All I see is history once again repeating itself. I see the pride and aloofness that in the end was shattered and crushed. Yet they still go on thinking that THEY can make a perfect world. As every action they take follows what science has stated will always happen. There is an opposite and equal reaction. For everything they do that they call good something evil goes in its place. Something they do not realize actually comes from within them.
For without God there is only evil, and evil begets only evil. When something truly good does occur it lasts for decades, but whenever evil erupts all that results is death and bloodshed. Yet it was not humans that caused the problem, for they are “perfect” especially if they are educated, especially if they know what is best for their fellow human beings.
Their striving to make the perfect reality only causing slavery and division; bloodshed and war. They break apart that which honored God and as a results diminishes humanity. For in their arrogance they belittle and abuse. Murder and rape, for it is not a fellow human they are hurting, but a lesser animal for it does not think as they do. It believes in a one true God and that all humanity was created to serve God. But they do not wish to serve, but to rule. For that is their destiny to control and manipulate. Like a master of all that is good to them for it makes them feel they are the savior of humanity. Not realizing the true savior of humanity, those like them killed.
They deny He is real for they do not see Him. Even though on the third day he rose from His grave and walked and talked to them. Yet this is not real, but a fairytale. It can only be a fairytale, because they are the masters of deceptions and lies for they do it all the time, and those that believe them are idiots and worthy of lying too for they are too stupid to see the truth.
Now humanity’s time is finally waning all because of those that think they are perfection and the masters of the world. While those that see the truth warn them and tell them that He they deny is near and is almost ready to start the coming of the end of the gentile rule of His world.
It is sad that so many would rather live here in this temporal life than in the eternal that is soon to start. May God’s glory truly shine on many before it is too late.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: Disappointment

The other day I posted one of my other blog post in the only Christian forum I belong to. Before the day was over it was removed, which is why I was disappointed. Not that it was removed, but as I see it the reasons for it removal.
This blog post had to deal with the extremism within the church of how they approach their faith. On the one hand we had up until the 1400s the one and only church, the Catholics. They had adopted an “it is all works” mentality. They made ritual after ritual and offered writs in forgiveness of any sin committed. This led to open sin and ultimately rebellion in the form of Martin Luther’s thesis and the Reformation. Now today we are suffering form it is all faith, which has been twisted due to the hippie movement of the 1960s, which at its core was secularism, that we must love all. Both are extremes, both totally remove God and His Son Jesus Christ from the equation and leave only humanity at its core and focal point. Thus are worthy by those that profess God to be their focal point to openly rebel against those that embrace this extremism that negates God all together.
In the post I received a comment. In it the person referred to Galatians 5:6.
“For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.”
Now when you place Galatians chapter five in context you find that it deals only with the fact that it refers to the point that both Jews and Gentiles are welcome within Christendom through the saving grace and love of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Now just so you the reader can understand. The context of my previous post had to deal with James 2:14-26 which dealt with the fact that it takes both faith a.k.a. love and works which are not rituals but acts of commitment to Jesus Christ like for example the act of repentance.
So back on track. I pointed out to the commenter that very point that their comment was totally out of context with my article. The reply I got was my post being removed from the forum.
The only thing the commenter saw was the word “love.” This is the mark of someone that had fallen for the extremism of “love conquers all” and “we must embrace all as they are.” These are the key marks of the hippie movement that came out of the sixties and Satan. I know this because I was there and saw the words “love” and “peace” everywhere I went; along with movies which depicted orgies and mass drug abuse. This mentality does not allow for there to be the need for works like that of the most important act that someone must take to acknowledge their commitment to Jesus Christ as their Savior, that being repentance. In fact those that embrace this extremism say that we must accept people as they are no matter what sins they live within. It is this type of extremism that allowed two young men to stand in front of all the people in what was once a church as one kneeled down and proposed to the other. Now I say “what was once a church” for the moment they accepted this sin into their congregation they chose humanity over God as their core belief and no longer were a part of the Body of Jesus Christ, and so the term “church” no longer applies to them. They are simply a social club of love. A love that will not lead to the feet of God, but to the pit of fire.
This is why I am disappointed that my blog post was removed from my Christian forum, because someone became offended in the politically correct mentality which again is something that is humanity focused not God focused. I forgive them for their sin they have commit, not to me, but to whom I serve. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
2 Timothy 4:1-5