True faith does not involve religion

It is man’s attempt to regulate faith that cause the creation of religion. Now it is true that when Moses went up to Mt. Sinai and was not only given the Ten Commandments, but he was also given a religion. A large document that became the book of Leviticus, but why is this?
It is because not all humans even those that were the descendants of Jacob would know “faith.” So as a result Moses was given a religion for humanity to follow. But within this religion, unlike any other religion before or after was interlaced those elements from which faith can come into existence and thrive separate from religion. For this is as it was meant to be. For true faith is the child within every human being from which grows the need to belief that God is real, and that His Son became, not a human sacrifice, but a divine sacrifice meant to allow those that have faith understand. That through this faith and following the teaching within the Bible which is called “works,” that humans can come to be with God eternally in His service which will be wondrous. For faith alone is not enough, but also works alone is not enough either. So that all understand: Religions equates in part to works, while just having faith is not enough to get you a white robe.
You see there are many that truly believe there is a God, but they live their lives as if there is no God. They live of the world except for two to three hours a week on a Sunday or Saturday and say they are one with God, when that is the furthest thing from the truth. Then there are those that just go through the motions of their religion and say all is well with them, yet this is not so either.
These are most of those of this time period for they are the “Lukewarm” and in Revelation 3:15-16 Jesus Himself makes it perfectly clear what their fate is. They are to be spit out of Christ. If they are spit out then what is their fate? They are not of the Body for they have been removed from the Body. In John 15 their fate is shown. For in this chapter of the Bible Jesus teaches directly to His disciples. He clearly states that He is the vine and the branches are those that are His. So they are saved. They have faith. Yet He goes on to say that those that do not bear fruit. This means they do not do “works.” Works, does not mean just to give to charity or volunteer, it means to follow clear instructions, but where are these instruction? In the Bible.
So if the Bible states you are to be humble, be humble. If the Bible states you are not to commit this sin or that sin. Then do not commit these sins. If the Bible says to treat all as you would treat yourself, then do so. These are fruit and if you bear no fruit what is your fate?
Per John 15, God Himself will break you from the vine that is Jesus and cast you to man who will gather you up and then cast you into the fire. But if you were saved how can this be? It is through faith that we know the answer to this and those with true faith understand. Here is the answer. You cannot live of the world and say you are of God. This is hypocrisy and is an insult to Him that created us all.
They also know that through true faith and also from John 15 that God will place those with faith through trials and tribulations time to time so that we will bear more and sweeter fruit unto God. So rejoice and repent of your sins, to never do them again even if it means you must suffer great emotional pain in doing so. Cherish the pain, learn from the pain and remember it for through its memory you will refrain from sinning once again. For this pain is nothing to the pain promised to those that chose the sin over God and all they have to blame is themselves.
You must give up your earthly lusts. You must turn away from sports; adultery, fornication, homosexuality, pedophilia, lying, greed, and all other selfish lusts and desires. For as long as you are more important to you than God you will not like where you end up. Only through true faith and belief in Jesus Christ will you see true and eternal joy.