Whose timing do you work under?

People speed about going faster than the speed limit. People yell at the baggage claims person standing outside in the cool fearing their luggage will not make it on to the plane in time. Why? Because they waited to the last minute to get to the airport. These are examples of things I have actually witnessed in my life. Whose timing are these people following? Is it God? The answer is obvious to that. No, they are not.
When people say they are turning over their lives  to God they seem to forget little important aspects of their lives.
You see the first two commandants given to us by Jesus Christ Himself cover a LOT of territory when it comes to a Godly relationship. The First being to love God with all your heart, mind and soul. Simply place God first in EVERY thing you do. From getting to work, appointments, to personal interaction with people you encounter every day.
The second commandant is to treat everyone as you would treat yourself. Simply the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” This actually means to be kind to all. For would you treat yourself unkindly? No you would not. So go to bed sooner, leave earlier, arrive on time or before time, but do it in a way that allows you to work within the confines of human interaction. Simply go the speed limit, share the road. Open a door for someone. Say please and thank you. Smile.
What causes people not to do these things is one thing. Themselves. They are selfish and self-serving, which is counter to the Bible. For we are to humble ourselves and place others before us. We don’t need to be first. We do not need to win. We do not speed to endanger others because we feel they are an inconvenience, because they are blocking us, because they are in front of you.
So whose timing do most people follow? Their own. Does this make them right with God? Very doubtful. As long as people continue to not follow the Bible the doubt grows, their place in the eternal life to come becomes suspect. The need to stand before God in the Great White Throne Judgement guaranteed.