My two cents on the “Crusades” comment by Mr. Obama

If you have looked through my blog you will see that I have compared the actions of the Crusades to be like the events being done by ISIS (ISIL) and the other groups that behave in a like manner to them.
Here is where Mr. Obama messed up though. The Crusades took place out of ignorance of the common people. A lack of knowledge of the true meaning and understanding of the teaching found within the Bible. Why? Because only the rich could even afford a copy of a Bible and members of the church. It must also be stated that in many cases the rich and the church were one and the same at that time also due to no mass knowledge of the Bible.
This is something that Mr. Obama should have stated when making his remarks. I can only speculate why he did not.
Now he also mentioned slavery. Now this one thing many do not like to comment about. Mainly due again to ignorance on the topic. Most have a fantasy image of slavery. They believe it only occurred within the United States. Yet it is shown within the Bible. It is also shown that many that came to colonize this nation no matter their color came over here as slaves. At first they were what is called indentured slaves. They would pay off their debt, the cost of the trip here, and then they would be free to colonize.
This soon become unprofitable and so then the import of slaves began. Note the wording here the “import of” this means they were already slaves. In fact most slave owner outside of this nation were of the same race as those that were their “property.” Now in no means am I making excuses for slavery. It is wrong and something that should never be, but are you aware there is slavery going on at this very moment in Africa in the Pacific Rim nations? Most if it is sex slaves, but there is still other types being done.
It has become the mainstay of those on the left to follow this false narrative of theirs that the “white” oppressors wish to continue to keep the “blacks” down. When in reality most that say this are extremely rich and well off. Their intent is to keep the poor, poor and thus make themselves rich and take or maintain control of the poor by making them believe these lies. This goes across party lines, but if you really do your research you will find that there are more rich Democrats than there are Republicans.
It is speeches like the one made by Mr. Obama that wish to divide this nation help to bring about a government that will allow the rich and elite to dictate to those that are poor and uneducated.
It is through government make policies like Obamacare and Common Core which is part of the plan to dumb down the average citizen of the United States and keep them dependent upon the rich, I mean government.
It is a plan that is working. Each year this nation becomes more and more ignorant, while the few especially those on the left just sit back and watch it happen as they rake in money given to them by corrupt and self-serving career politicians. The thing is there are many who are fighting this, but it is not enough. Most set about watching sports the new modern version of the gladiators (football, baseball, basketball, and hockey) of the Roman Empire, a tool used heavily by the dictators of Roman to make their populous ignorant and subdued through the use of entertaining distraction, which worked for hundreds of years.
Then came Christianity, through the teaching of Jesus Christ the Son of God. This changed things, but not enough. Because in time those in power and those in control of the knowledge perverted it for their own purpose and greed. It is this which resulted in the Crusades. It seems to follow a cycle that occurs nearly every thousand years.
Well in today’s society we are experiencing the same type of ignorance and it is due to few reading and understanding the Bible or the Qur’an. Both religions which came from Abraham teach peace, both have their difference and would take too long to explain. I will say this, maybe out of personal prejudice I don’t know, I would rather all turn to God through the word of the Bible and the lessons taught us by Jesus Christ.
But if not, I would rather all read FULLY their holy books and see that actions committed either one thousand years ago or even one hundred and fifty years ago is not something to compare to the actions and behavior of ISIS (ISIL) now. The sins of the past are the sin that those that lived that past must face. This sins of today are ours to face now, and what is worse in this situation we have enough information at our disposal to not be ignorant, yet we most are and by their own choice. We must face up to sins committed now, today. Our own personal sins or those committed by people that do horrific acts like what was done to the Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh. It is our responsibility not only to learn the Bible to up hold all that is good and glorious within to the point of removing those terrorist that wish to destroy the world and impose their jaded values upon not only us but our children and grandchildren.
Do we wish to repeat the acts that cause millions to die in World War II? Well at this time we are. There are many in power at this time that echo history through not only their actions, but their words. Their desire to maintain peace at nearly any cost resulted in horrific deaths that could have been avoided. Instead six million Jews and an additional seven million of different nationalities and religious believes Like Christianity and Muslim died in concentration camps through Eastern Europe. Stop it now, not when it is too late and instead of millions is it billions that die. If you do not learn from history you are destine to repeat it and at this time we are.

When you teach the opposite of love you teach hate and thus create chaos

Time and again the news in recent years is filled with actions and words of hate. You have a man that calls himself a “reverend” and even holds a Bible saying that all cops hate all blacks. Yet does not police forces throughout this nation have black people within them and even leading them. The very sentence this person states negates itself showing that it is a lie. Yet thousands listen to him as if he is the new messiah and will bring paradise unto them that listen. He has been preaching these same words since the 1970s, should not the paradise have been reached by now? Yet it is worse than ever for those that listen to this man that lives a luxurious life style as he hob knobs with the rich and powerful as he avoids paying his own taxes that will in turn help to improve things for those that he claims he wishes to help.
Then we have a group of men that have taken words out of context in the Qur’an. They say live their way or die a horrible death. Hundreds if not thousands have been behead, several of them recorded and shown throughout the world to promote their way of view and to bring others to their “cause.” They have declared war upon the world and most of the world sits back and does nothing or even runs the other way. Jesus says blessed is the peacemaker, yet at this time no one is trying to make peace they are encouraging, promoting and allowing war because they do not wish to infringe upon the rights of those that are committing these horrors and statements of hate. Their excuse in the United States: “because we have wronged them by trying to impose our values upon them.”
These values they are referring to are those values taught within the Bible and Qur’an. Abraham is the “father” of the nation of Israel and the nations that follow the Muslim faiths. Abraham is the “grandfather” of Christianity since that faith came from the Jewish religion and the teachings of the Son of God the Lord Jesus Christ.
These three religions have a common beginning and so they all three worship the same God, yet due to those like the man first described above pervert the Bible and the Qur’an for their own goals and glorification. They show themselves to be selfish self-serving, self-glorifying humans. The very thing that we are taught to turn away from. Yet they twist the words of these two books to cause those that listen to think it is the truth.
But why do they listen? Why do they not see that they are being taught lies? Because they themselves refuse to read these two books and come to understand their message. Now I can only talk of the Bible for I do not know enough of what is within the Qur’an, but the message of Jesus Christ is very clear. We are to love God first and then we are to love our fellow human beings as we love ourselves. Also in Titus chapter 3, it states that we are to follow and respect the laws of the land and those that are given the job to uphold them.
It is important that each and every person FULLY read their respective religious book. It is extremely important every person truly study and come to understand what is written within these books. If we do not we will fall prey to the wolves walking amongst the sheep and the pack of wolves howling from the darkness just beyond the light of the fire of understanding and knowledge.
Blessed is the peacemaker. The word “peacemaker” means to bring peace, which means there is war and chaos and mayhem. How can you make this peace? It is never made with words it is made with actions. These actions mean to arrest and placed in jail or even unto war. So those that are peacemakers are the police and soldiers as well as those that through action and effort cause the defeat of hate, chaos and bloodshed.
It is good to love all including your enemy, but if your enemy comes at you to kill you have the right defend yourself. If this was not so there would not be nearly one hundred battles listed in the Bible supporting this.

Matthew 15:17 Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught? 18 But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. 19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: 20 These are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man.

“Whoever recommends and helps a good cause becomes a partner therein, and whoever recommends and helps an evil cause shares in its burden.” Chapter 4, Verse 85

What caused the Crusades is the same thing that is causing the Jihad today.

It is a total misunderstanding of the teachings of that group’s religious book.
The Crusades was caused by the few that perverted the teachings of the Bible which resulted in the invasion into the Holy Lands.
Now today we have the Qur’an’s teaching being perverted by a few and spreading their lies to those that have not fully and completely read this holy book. As a result we have today’s Jihad which is nothing more than a modern version of the Christian Crusades.
What is required is for those with the true knowledge of the Qur’an to become more vocal and to stop this Jihad. Will they do this? They have not yet, so I seriously doubt it