tough times

The world is full of pitfalls and potholes.

As we go about our daily tasks, we are given days of joy and happiness. We are given days when nearly the same thing happens that had happened the day before. Then we are given trials. Most are minor, some are more painful, and some are soul rending.
The thing is there is always someone there waiting to help us. Many call out to Him, but many times, they do not believe he listens. Well He does. The answer you seek to see may not be the answer He wishes you to learn, but you must endure.
I had an encounter that took place in 1996. The details are unimportant, what is important though is that it took more than ten years to finally open my mind and heart to the lesson that God was trying to teach me. In those ten years I carried bitterness and anger within, which is opposite what God wants us to carry within us.
This anger and bitterness left me depressed and despondent. It led me to doubt my place with God. It led me down a path in which feel I could have been an unfruitful branch for God and so broken off of the tree and cast to the world.
I came close, but then I realized the truth and beauty of God and His Son Jesus Christ. It took an experience that was an echo of Job for me to turn my path back to God. Trials and tribulations I do not wish any to have to go through, but I know, as with me, that may be the only way for people to come to understand that Jesus in the answer.
That is the reason there are pitfalls and potholes in life.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Life is chaos. Each day is different. Each hour is something that never happened before. Some days will be good, Most will be mundane. Others will be filled with pain and sorrow. It is these last days that are the hardest to make it through.

There is order in the chaos. The yin for the yang. This order is always there, but forgotten and missed by most for it does not show itself boldly to the world. For it seeks to have you understand it that is there just out of site, but just as real as everything else about you is.

When pain strikes most seek it out pleading and scream “WHY?” “WHY ME?” Or other such statements, but that is not what the order seeks. It seeks to strengthen you in these times of strive. It seeks to guide you and let you know that there is always light at the end of the darkness that for this time of trial and tribulation you have just enough strength within you to make it through.

You protest and say no you do not, but the order says, “Yes there is for I am with you.”

Then you realize what is the truth and you know that you can make it to the light, for what is the light is Jesus Christ and He is that order.