Review: Angel and the Badman (1947) – a portrait in salvation and faith

This John Wayne movie which he produced is something not seen in today’s cinema. It shows true Christianity and its influence on those that do not practice it. It is also the story of how a man finds the Lord.
The faith is shown through that of a family of Quakers and their community, which was built for the common use of all within it. A prime example within the movie is when John’s character Quirt Evans goes to a rancher that took over another Quaker’s homestead that had the community dam placed upon it. The rancher soon comes to see the way of kindness and sharing and becomes friendly to his neighbors that he had treated wrongly before.
We see Quirt change from a hardened man bent on revenge to a man that follows the way of God with the help of the woman he falls in love with.
We also see how those that knew him before have a hard time seeing that the man had changed.
I highly recommend this movie for those that wish to learn more on how those that call themselves Christian should really act.

Base storyline: 5 swords out of 5 swords
Acting: 4 swords out of 5 swords
Special Effects: 4 swords out of 5 swords
Overall: 4.33 swords out of 5 swords

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