When it comes to true Christianity, the person that accepts it changes. They no longer think as they use to think. They no longer act as they use to act. Sure, a lot of how they use to be is still there. Their basic personality had not changed in most cases, but how they respond is different. What use to make them angry does not. What use to give them pleasure does not. Even though some aspect of the person you once knew is still seen on the outside by those about them, by those that knew you before you completed your change will make assumptions. Some in time will see the change and come to accept this change in you. But there will be those that do not. They will label you a hypocrite and a liar. They will feel betrayed and abandoned.
Sure, you want to make them understand, especially if they are someone you love, but you must come to realize that this many never happen.
There will be also those that try to tell you that you can still live the life you use to live. They will say sure you can still live exactly like you did before and you are still a Christian and going to heaven. This is not true. You will be tempted, but if the Bible states it is a sin. IT IS A SIN. If you are still early into your Christian faith it is at this time you should seek out and find a good Christian home.
In my own personal growth into Christianity, I sought this out in several large Churches. To my dismay, this actually turned out to be a slide in the wrong direction. It took me decades to find a church home I felt right in and it was a small church. These from further research I feel is the way to go. Do not seek out a church that has hundreds or even thousands that attend it. Seek out a church that at its max one hundred or less. These small churches will actually greet you and accept you as someone seeking to learn your faith and allow you to grow. Will answer your questions and help you address your problems of faith when they arise. This is better than a church of hundreds where you become lost within the faces and no one will be able to help you out, as you may need.
As you grow in your faith, you will change. Sure you will still feel like the person you were before you asked Jesus into your heart, but things that once didn’t bother you will. Especially as you read the Bible and come to understand the message within it, and whom the ultimate author of the Bible is, for even though it was written by man, they received their inspiration from the Holy Ghost. Who directed them to write down the words of God and no other faith can trace it origins back to the beginning of record history itself except the Judeo-Christian faith.

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