The privileged few ….. government employees

I live daily knowing that if I mess up, commit a false action or steal from the company I work for I will be fired. There are those that do not live under this threat and so that is exactly what they do. They mess up, the commit false actions and they steal, DAILY. Who are they? Government employees.
They actually have laws that make it so they cannot be fired. This is wrong and is something that needs to be changed as soon as possible.
Recently in California, a lawsuit allowed people to be judged on their merit not on how long they worked for the schools. This is the best thing that has ever happened.
I have worked in a union and the worst employees are those that have worked the longest. They know they are untouchable so they mess up and do nothing because they know nothing can be done to them. This again is wrong. If you mess up you need to be fired.
Most of those in the United States live with this over their heads every day and they do their best, for the most part, and keep their jobs.
Now we have those in the IRS and the VA that cannot be fired even though it has been proven they have broken other laws. They need to be fired and/or jailed.

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