Flower power now in power and boy are they making a psychedelic mess

As I think back over my youth, I think about what I saw on the news and how people protested this and protested that. Anti-religion, Anti-war, Anti-government, Anti- parents. Then I realize that the people that were doing this protesting are now those that have power in this nation. I think back of the last six years and I see how this country is starting to resemble what those in the late 1960s and early 1970s were protesting. They said God is evil and now God has been removed from the public and is constantly attacked every time some tries to place God back where He belongs. They said war was wrong and so pulled our troops out of areas where they were defending our nation from attacks by terrorist and now terrorist are running rampant and the threat to our nation is even worse than before 9/11. They were against the government and now are the government and so are ignoring the constitution, luckily, the Supreme Court has seen the light and is doing what those in congress should be doing.
They were hater their parents and so now they have made the government the parent and the youth are running wild and slaughtering they fellow classmates in their schools. Schools that were safe when God was there.
But no it is not their fault. They have done no wrong. It is still those that support war, it is still those that support a lawful government, it is those that support parents raising their own children with God as the center of it all that are at fault.
Our nation falls apart and they still cannot see that they caused the problem.
What can we do?
Return to God.
Remove incumbents that refuse to follow the constitution.
Return to God.
Reduce the national government and increase the state government.
Return to God.
Defend this nation by closing its boarders and attacking those that attack us first, which the terrorist HAVE done and promise to do again.

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