He that is without sin cast the first stone

Repeatedly we see posts in here in the blogs, and replies to blogs as well as other places where people attack others because they say they are right. Admittedly, I wouldn’t doubt if some of my posts sounded that way, which I honestly try to avoid, but I speak from my heart and I am after all human.
That is my point we are all human. When Jesus was confronted by the Pharisee to stone the adulteress He then made the statement that is the name of this post. None could do it, not even the Pharisee. When I post I try to deal with facts and how people’s actions are causing problems that can harm the society at large. Being Christian it is our duty to care for others before ourselves. So remaining silent is something we should not do and too many that call themselves Christian has done.
There is a fine line we must walk, we should never be adversarial. Sure, we can be firm, and point out facts that show the problem, and make people think, which is how I always try to frame my posts, and yet I still fail, because I am after I am human. The reason that there needs to be some type of strength in your words is because you have a true hope that you can cause people to realize the errors they are making because the errors they make could cause them suffering that may last a very, very, very long time. Those that call themselves Christian would never want anyone to fail and not see that God is real, for they should know what it means in the long run. For when we go into the next phase of our existence, it will be an eternal one. Eternal for both those that failed and those that realized the truth. We are told what will happen to those that fail. We are vaguely told what will happen to those that are accepted by God.
Why is it so vague? Because it will last forever and each person will have a different experience due to where they stand with God.
No one is without sin that walks upon this earth today. We have all made mistakes but to attack someone for their mistake is wrong, but it is also wrong to allow them. For after Jesus said what he stated unto those wishing to stone to woman, he then turned to her and told her to sin no more. Most leave out this part. Because this is the hardest for all of us to follow, mainly because it is the most important part of this entire episode, even though others would say the opposite.
Here is the important thing you need to learn from this. Yes we all will sin, even after we are saved, but if you are truly saved you will become remorseful and saddened over your actions. You will turn to God in prayer and ask if not beg for His forgiveness. As long has you have this type of attitude He will forgive you and eventually you may even forget you ever did that sin in the first places, which is as it should be. Though you will most likely stumble into other sin and start the process all over again, and why is that? Because we are only human.
That is why it is important to look to yourself first before you go to attack or criticize someone else. As it is also said in the Bible, remove the beam from your own eye before you try to remove the splinter from someone else’s eye. So the next time you are tempted to attack. Think, then pray, then think again. If you feel you must say something. Say it with facts and kindness, and realize that we all will screw up again.

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