A dying breed

In today’s society, being what is called a “gentleman” is a dying breed. It is sad really. To me being courteous is how all should be, be you male or female. The main reason once upon a time men were considered “gentlemen” was because they respected women. Now they tell us to respect them but to treat them as equals. Me? I have always though women to be my equals but still to open doors and pull out chairs for them. This to me shows you care and place others before yourself.
It is a foundation that should be laid in all. It teaches them that other people are more important than they are. Once again, the adage “do unto others as you would have done unto you” comes into play. Something some would attribute to Confucius, but was actually first documented in the book of Exodus in the Bible hundreds of years before his time.
Do unto others as you would have done unto you is the basis of being a gentle-person. To not stand in the middle of a doorway talking, but moving aside to allow others to go in and out is a sign you respect others over yourself. As long as you do not show others respect; how can you be expected to be respected yourself? You cannot.
This is something that is within the foundation of true Christianity as well. If you claim to be a Christian and do not respect others and place others before yourself then you need to start praying and start reading the Bible and then thinking about where you stand in your faith. For as I have said in an other post, that to me selfishness is the ultimate sin, from selfishness all other sins come from. Why? Because you are only thinking of satisfying your own wants and desires, which is opposite of being a gentle-person.
What is it a dying breed should not be when people profess to being Christian since being Christian and a gentle-person walk hand in hand together. It is something that has been pulled out from under us by those that seek to “improve” things for all, but in actuality, we are not moving forward but backward. We are more like the middle ages then we are a modern society all because being kind to others is frowned upon and no longer taught in schools or our churches. It is not PC(politically correct) to do so and at the drop of a hat we risk being sued but those that wish to impose their “progressive” thinking upon all. It should actually be called “Anti-progressive.”
So what can you do to stop the extinction of this dying breed called a gentleman?

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