The Commitment

It is in times like those we live in is when those that profess to be Christian need to stand their ground and allow themselves to be known and heard.
In Iraq, militants assaulted Christians. They were told they must convert to Islam or they must leave or die. Some could not. Those that could not showed that they in reality might not have been Christian because they chose to convert. This is not what should have happened. They should have chosen to let themselves be killed and become martyrs and yet they live.
I know this is something that is difficult to do. To be willing to say: “Go ahead kill me.” That is very hard to do, but I know I would do it. I would rather die for God and Christianity. It is not the first time this has happened and it has happened to all religions. It is sad that those that are religious do not learn to truly follow their faith.
Will my death cause the world to change? I seriously doubt it. Most likely no one will ever know it even happened. Most likely hidden by the corrupt news media, or not divulged by a government that only seeks to keep itself in power.

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