Spiritual warfare and experiencing it in this reality

I was having a discussion with my middle son. He is in his thirties. He brought up a situation that happened soon after I had recently been born-again. Myself, and my two sons, who were just getting close to or at ten years old, noticed as well.
Several times I felt the presence of something not welcome in the house, the boys had a more vivid experience. They descript it as woman or witch as one said that was coming into their room. They both saw at the same time and as I said I felt its presence.
I was still young in my faith and very flamboyant about my faith those first few years after being born-again. This I have found out is typical behavior; I have also learned this is the time when many lose their faith.
This presence hunted my boys and I did my best to fight it off through prayer, but as I said I was young in my faith and didn’t approach anyone else with this issue. It wasn’t till my first divorce that was done and I was out of the house until my boys found peace.
Me on the other hand have gone through trial after trail. Why? Because I still believe and follow God, but as I grew in my faith I learned to place most of my burdens to God, and yet I know I have a long way to go still. As I talked to my middle son, he told me he had been reading on what he encountered. For there have been others that have experienced this, enough to write books about.
Most of these books go from a secular point of view and that is how my son presented it to me. One thing he made perfectly clear is that his presence was evil. Now think on that.
To acknowledge God is to also accept that there are angels. To accept angels then you accept that there is a devil since Satan was an angel, and he has followers and they are evil and are not, for the most part, of this reality. They do show up and have influence here, as my boys and me will attest too.
This is most likely one reason Christians have such a tough time for the most part. Why we go through trial after trial, and yet as we place our faith in God and His Son Jesus we come out better and stronger. Willing to face the diversities that will come until that time that we are called to join Jesus.

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