Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

First I must say having been around for the original Star Lord and Guardians I went into the theater skeptical of what I would encounter. I can honestly say that these new Guardians and Star Lord in particular are handled rather well.
I can also say that the next link in this Disney/Marvel series of movies did with excitement and action what other movies do as an intro or narrative. First, we are introduced to the literal expanded universe in which Marvel has placed its characters within. Alien races are the core elements of this movie as it carries the overall story arc forward.
The action is quick and continual. If it look like it is going to get boring, it makes you laugh and then you are in the action once again. It is well worth the time and money. Oh and by the way, plan on sitting through all the credits to see a post-credit clip to the movie.

Base Story: 5 swords out of 5 swords
Acting: 5 swords out of 5
Special effects: 5 of 5 swords
Overall: 5 swords out of 5 swords.


  1. Going to have to disagree with you here old man.

    **Warning Potential Spoilers***

    Issues with the film:

    #1: The plot moved too quickly, very fast-cut editing, which I can’t stand. Why? It keeps you from becoming involved with the characters and the story. The only time I felt any emotion was at the very beginning with the scene where Star Lords mother is dying.

    #2: The bit about his “Dad” was clumsily rushed into the end of the movie. (My prediction is it is going to be Adam Warlock, because Disney is shopping for an actor to play him at the moment to start up his movies)

    #3. Karen Gillian…. She should have stuck with Doctor Who where C-rate acting is considered acceptable. She could not maintain a clear accent to cover her Scottish accent. She spoke with Russian, English, Australian, and even a note of French accent at one point, plus she incorporated several different dialects of those accents. It was just awful. She was all over the place. She would have done better to keep her mouth shut.

    The acting was okay and the story was okay. Nothing compelling or seat-gripping…just okay. You know a great movie when you become emotionally involved with the characters and those emotions are pulled. That wasn’t happening with Guardians.

    Was the movie enjoyable? Yes, but it wasn’t anywhere near perfect, nor great. It was just enjoyable. Best movie so far this year has been Days of Future Past, hands down and I would only give that a 4.5.

    I would give the movie a 3 out of 5. Saying it’s a perfect 5 is just nonsense.

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