Review: A Man for all Seasons (1966)

This is the story of Sir Thomas More, chancellor to King Henry VIII. It is a conflict between him and his king that is the basis of this movie. At its core is More’s faith and believes. The king insists that he get More’s approval to divorce. Before this argument is through King Henry will separate from the Catholic Church and form the Church of England. This will allow him to divorce and even kill his queens. It will also lead to More’s martyrdom since he will stand by his faith and believes over those of the King, which are in the wrong. By the way, this is why the United States made the First Amendment.

Base Storyline: 5 swords out of 5 swords
Acting: 4 swords out of 5 swords
Special effects: 4 swords out of 5 swords
Overall: 4.33 swords out of 5 swords

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