What is morality?

Why I am making this post is because another person posted the other day that, and I quote: “Christian were attacking the morality of ordinary citizens who love who they want to love.”
The definition of morality is per Merriam-Webster: beliefs about what is right behavior and what is wrong behavior. But where do we find what is right and wrong? Where was this context first placed upon human beings? That would be the Bible and those teachings that was first given unto Abraham, several thousands of years ago.
I also wish to challenge the word “ordinary” it is defined as: 3: the regular or customary condition or course of things —usually used in the phrase out of the ordinary. “The regular or customary condition.” Here is an interest point of view. What has been the regular and customary again for thousands of years? Those very same principles found within the Bible and taught again for thousands of years. Now all of a sudden these same ideals are not “regular or customary?” the answer to this question is no. So I can say that the sentence I quoted originally above is flawed and inaccurate as are the believes that allowed this man to come up with this very thought. The sentence should read when you follow true common logic that has been in place within civilization for thousands of years as follows:
Christians are defending the morality of those un-ordinary citizens that love who they want to love, because these “un-ordinary citizens” are perverting those principles upon which all good civilizations were founded upon. If any are having their morality attacked, it is those of the Christian believes for thousands of years out ways a decade or two. The mere fact that the true morality has been around so long is testament to the fact that it is the real morality not this “new morality,” which is in actuality old sin and has been shown to be the destruction of many civilizations.
To defend what is right is the duty of Christianity as a whole. Especially within the United States of America whose very foundation comes from those Christians that fled nations where morality was being perverted. As an example, we give you King Henry VIII that could not live under the morality required by the Catholic Church at that time, because he wished to divorce and remarry. Therefore, he removed all churches within England from the Catholic Church and formed the Church of England. This allowed him to live in sin and to commit murder.
These are the things Christians, especially those in the United States; do not wish to happen here. For thousands of years same-sex behavior has been a sin. It is only within recent years that those in power wish to change this. Just like King Henry VIII. Unfortunately, they are winning. Are Christian destine to be like Sir Thomas More? Martyred for their desire to adhere to their faith rather than allow the nation they love fall into sin? It appears that may be what is required when people think that those that live in extreme sin to be “ordinary.”


  1. What exactly qualifies something as extreme sin? I’m not familiar with this idea biblically. And what makes you think that America was not already fallen into sin? For the entirety of our history we have been in sin. How can something fall when it is already on the ground?

    1. First question: an extreme is one so bad that time and again God removes those societies which partake of them. Examples, Sodom and Gamorroa. Also check out Leviticus
      Second: America start escalating into sin when same-sex cultures were allowed to as the statement goes “come out of the closet”
      It is true that all humans are sinful, but when societies are created by God as is Israel and the United States they have a better standing with God. So they only fall when they turn their eyes from God. Example: Peter when he walked on water.
      When the common people surrender their right to be heard the open the door to corruption from those in power due to the fact that we are by nature corrupt.

      1. There is no gradation scale in the Bible. God does not repeatedly destroy nations in the Bible for one sin. Perhaps you should re-read the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah as listed in the Bible.
        Ezekial 16:49-50 “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good.”

        I think you and many others disregard context and lessons that we should learn from stories and instead simply read a story and don’t think about it. Onan wasn’t killed because he pulled out, but because he disobeyed God. In comparison, among the other things listed in Leviticus is wearing mixed fibers, an abomination and eating shellfish also an abomination. When Christ came to bring us a new covenant the law was summed up in this: Love God, love your neighbors. If you choose to live under the law, by all means try. I choose to live under grace.
        Blessings on your journey.

      2. In Leviticus directly after stating man shall not lie with man it states that is why God is sending Israel to the promised lands. for the nation that were there were committing these sins and that Israel was to destroy them and replace them in this these lands and yes there are sin that are considered worse then other sin. Lying be one of them which is considered to be on the same level as murder.
        All sin is wrong, just others are worse. I still suggest you re-read. May God bless and keep you

      3. You’ve not provided references. I’ve provided some references. Perhaps rather than saying over and over that I should re-read, if you feel I’ve not read the verses I quoted provide your own.

      4. first… at work.
        Second….. my method of teaching is to make the reader pick up the Bible and read it so they can learn first hand what the Bible say. For most Americans actually haven’t read. if they don’t believe me they get the Bible and actually learn something.
        As for Onan we actually agree just using different semantic

      5. Then perhaps instead of trying to demean a reader who has obviously read and simply came to a different conclusion than yourself, be secure enough to realize that two different perspectives can be gained from the Bible.

      6. Then that I do. Also was not my intent to demean. Sorry if it came out that way. When rushed to respond and return to your job sometimes the wording does not carry correctly. After all only one person was perfect and we aren’t Him 🙂

    2. In addition.
      An exteme sin is also a sin that changes the very path of a persons existence. Be it a sin comment by the person or to a person. Murder. Going into a lifestlye that is not traditional like marriage solely between a man and a woman.
      They cause events that were not by design, but is because we have free-will.
      There is a story in the Old Testament where a man went to know his wife. through free-will he chose to finish his business on the ground and not in her.
      God killed him on the spot for they were to convince a prophet.
      There are more examples in the Bible. I suggest you re-read it

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