Even on rough days, you must praise Him

I was abruptly reminded to day on how hard it can be to sing praises unto God during the hard times that occur in this life. I was writing to someone about the wonders hidden within the Book of Revelation, but at the same time working through depression due to events within this temporal life.
It took me back to my year of Job when Satan threw boulders upon my narrow road to God. I feel as I prayed and thought and re-thought and prayed again that I focused on God once again and was able to convey His Glory to the person I was writing too.
This world we live in. Filled with all others truly identical to us, the corruption is a challenge to strife through at times. It is something we must prevail through. God knows our spiritual strength. He knows what we can handle and so we must struggle on to take that next step. To see though the next hour. To make it to the next day, then the next week, month and year. Till the day God says your work is done in this life and He calls us unto Him and His Son.


  1. You’re right! Everyone can praise Him on happy days! That’s not hard at all. But who can do this at the very lowest? Then we used to …….

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