God is a wimp

This is how most people treat God. Be they Atheist, Agnostic, and especially if they are Christian.
It may be because people cannot wrap their minds about truly how great God is. What is the first thing God is known to have done? He created. He created the universe.
Within the universe is billions of galaxies. Within a galaxy is millions of solar systems. Within these solar systems are planets. This has all been scientifically confirmed and yet people limit God.
We are told we turn over our problems unto God through His Son Jesus. He will address these problems, which He does. The thing is people want one outcome, but God’s plans for you may require a different outcome.
As example, I give you my life. I had unwillingly been divorced for ten years. I got tired of waiting for God to guide me to a new wife or back to my first. So I met a woman and literally said to myself “She’s a keeper.”
This started me down a path that took me around the United States then ultimately it took me to a new city to live in. As time went on events deteriorated in my marriage and after several devastating events, which led to the loss of all my personal property. I turned full back to where my eyes should have been towards….. God.
I turned it over to Him, even though I have still slipped in the endeavor. However when I keep God center of my life things improve. Not with personal possessions or money, but with my existence within this life. It is through this that I fully realize that God made everything about all of us. He controls everything, but allows us the free-will to choose how we to either follow Him or even deny He even exists, but how can you when every day you are surrounded by all that He made. A tree, the atmosphere you breathe and through which clouds float by above you as the sunlight of the very sun He made. A bird, a spider, a deer, all created by the all powerful, all knowing, GOD.

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