God will provide

To have someone that in more way then not share what you like and activities you enjoy is the same they enjoy is something that is near impossible to find. There may be some mathematical equation that states the odds are most likely a million to one. Then you add in that at one point this someone was thousands of miles away from where you lived most of your live then they may say the odds of ever meeting this person is even higher. Yet it happens.
We are told to turn over everything unto God, and allow Him to guide our path in live. This is one thing that has been hard for me to do. I know to a degree we must still act and do things, but it is something as important as finding that certain someone to share your live it is important to give most if not all this unto Him.
Twice I have gone down this journey on my own, and twice it has failed in heartbreak and sorrow. Since my year of Job I have learned to give God praise constantly. I go about my day only breaking for a moment to address something of the world and then I return inside my head to praising God and His Son my Savior.
We are told to do this in the Bible, but I do not know how many truly to do it. As I do, I go about asking the Lord for those things that would allow me to be a better Child of God.
One thing we are told that if we divorce God would rather we stay single. It is clearly stated though that if we cannot refrain from what is good in marriage then we are to remarry. So this time I prayed, and the odds that mathematics calls impossible became possible.
Why? Because God is real.


    1. I believe in placing my life before God and allowing Him to lead.
      Those who say “Ask and you shall receive” act as if God is the servant when in fact it is the opposite. For by making God a servant you deminish and insult God the creator of the Universe.
      To love God is to serve God and follow His direction.

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