What Jesus called blessed

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said there are those that are considered blessed.
The first people he called blessed those that are mentally handicapped.
The second people are those that grieve. This one is important to note by the way. Since most that call themselves Christian grieve for many reasons.
Third are those that are humble, meaning to place all before yourself.
Forth, those who seek after salvation from God.
Fifth, those that are compassionate.
Sixth, those that have pureness in their hearts. Meaning to be kind and do not think ill of others.
The seventh people that are blessed are those that seek to stop conflict no matter the form and not matter the degree for which must be reached to stop it.
Eighth are those persecuted for doing what is right.
The ninth are those hated for their believe in God.
Lastly those that are falsely accused because of their believe in God.
Jesus in Luke also stated that he was saddened for those that are rich for they have received their reward already and those that are satisfied for in the eternal they shall weep because it will be deny them.
These words come directly from Jesus. It shows that those that will be given the greater reward in the immortal live to come will be those that place God before themselves. That places all others before themselves, and that those that have special handicaps in this live will have a blessed live in the eternal live to come.
That when you stand for God you will most likely be hated and that you will face events in your life the will cause you to grieve. More and more each day we hear those that deny God seek to remove God from the world. Where they use their power to try to silence those that teach and preach about God. Being truly Christian is not something that is all happiness and joy. In fact, Jesus clearly states those that are joyful, happy and rich he feels sorrow for.
So how do you practice you faith?

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