It’s the simple things that count: common courtesy

One thing that is lacking more and more in society is the acts of common courtesy. Why? Mainly because God has been removed from most people’s lives.
Why do I say this?
One simple word: Humility.
The true meaning of being humble is to place all others before yourself.
When you do that you do simple things like walking on the right side of the sidewalk in the US, most likely the left side in England (not sure on that never been there).
You also use the right side of the door when there is double doors.
Also, do not stand in front of doors.
When driving you yield the right of way. By the way, those with the “right of way” are those going straight. So if you want to turn onto the road. You wait for there to be no traffic. If you are turning, again you wait if there is someone going straight heading toward you.
Simple things like this show you are caring for the other person.
Will this guarantee you happiness? Doubtfully, mainly because most about you are self-absorbed and care only for themselves. That is their issue to handle if they do not change.
Those that wish to live a humble life truly do not seek out notoriety, but that does not mean not to do what is right.
In the Bible, it clearly states that those that are to lead must be a servant to all. To a large degree that means you must be humble.
We are also taught to live a modest life. This means not to go out and seek a fortune, it means to live a life that does not require much. You do not need to live in a million dollar home. Many may choose to just live in an apartment or a small house not worth a lot. This is again being humble.
When you do lead, you must be an example to all. If they see you lie, they will lie. If they see you living in expensive homes, they will seek this.
This causes the economy to become un-balanced and causes strife and misery. However, it can be avoided simply by being humble.
Jesus called being humble a blessing. He also taught that those that are rich are people that need to be pitied and felt sorrow for. For they have their reward, and when you really think on it. Who would want a reward from this world? I know I sure do not.
So start to look at the simple things in life. Simple actions of respect and concern for your fellow human being. For that is what Jesus wants us all to seek in this life. For in the next life we are promised much more.

It is like the movie “Brewster’s Millions” he must spend $30 million in thirty days. He learns to detest money; as a result, he is given $300 million. Well to those that follow Christ your “$300 million” awaits us all in the next and eternal life

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