The true goal of life to seek after and pass on.

One of the things that I have had the hardest time doing was striving to be the head of a household. There are many reasons why this has been difficult. Primarily in today’s society has placed within women that they should dominate their men. There is also the fact that a true Biblical understanding of the rolls for both the husband and the wife within the marriage. In addition, the overall change in society as a whole because the society that existed when the Bible was originally written has changed. Also, I had a poor role model to learn from. Who in turn had a poor role model to learn from. This resulted in me being a poor role model and I do not deny this in anyway shape or form.
One thing I have always known is that being the head of the household does not mean to dominate and rule. You do not boss those in your home about like slaves. In fact, per the Bible the head of the household is the true servant. This does not mean you wait upon them as if you are a slave. As the head of the household, we are to team with your chosen partner when rearing the children we have been blessed with by God.
As the head of the household, we are to make sure that those in our care are fed, clothed and sheltered. We are to encourage them in their growth and cause them to love and honor God. This so they can be ready to pass on what is found pleasing the in the eyes of the Lord.
Too many generations, especially within the United States, have been told to know that you have done well is if your children exceed and prosper better then you had in your journey through life. This in turn has turned people away for what is truly worth pursuing. Instead they toward seeking after money and bigger and better houses. A race for an ever more distant goal that can never be truly reached has turned people to business, stores, and sports instead of what is truly good and glorious. What is this true goal? It is found within the teaching of the Bible. But what is it called? Love.
Who taught us to love in the Bible? Jesus Christ the living Messiah.

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