The blessing called life.

Jesus said we should live our life’s as He does. We do not, for only He was perfect. Should we stop trying? No.
The commandments say not to commit murder, yet many support those that have legalized a version of murder. This alone should be enough to not vote for anyone that support this type of murder.
It is stated in the Bible that God knows us all within the womb of our mothers. That means we are human beings before we are born. We are humans the moment we are conceived for we are all a creation of God.
God placed our parents into a situation that allowed them to love one another then to want children and make strides to do so. Animals do not suffer from miscarriages. Animals give birth in their season and time to do so. Human beings do not. Why?
Because we work under God’s timetable, if we acknowledge He is real or not, not natures. Each child is a blessing by God to that couple. Which is why God desires people to be married before pursuing children. All children are a responsibility given to us by God and so need to be given love and respect.
Allow all that God gives us to live and not become a sacrifice to sin. If you feel you are not ready to be a parent, allow the child the privilege of life and allow them to be adopted by those that have not been given the blessing of carrying a child within them.

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