To Believe in God makes you a wimp mentality

This is meant as a wake-up call to those that think we must kowtow to those that oppose us because of our faith and believes. There is approximately ninety battles fought in the Old Testament. At their core: what is right in the eyes of God. In the twentieth century, the United States of America tried to stay out of both World Wars due to Christian believes to a degree, but then entered these conflicts for the same believes. The most pronounced was the second war, when Nazism resulted in the death of millions, mainly Jews. For the protection of lives, it become necessary to take lives. Both German and Japan did horrendous acts to those that they captured and or imprisoned.
Does this mean we do not love out enemies? No, just the opposite. When the war ended this nation through our believes not only in the constitution, but also in the Bible went to both Germany and Japan and helped these former enemies rebuild their nations and now they are allies.
True love for the “enemies” of Christianity comes in the form of tolerance. We tolerate their desires to worship other religions or no religion. We tolerate the choices to live in sin. All human life is sacred and is loved by all that truly follow the teaching of Jesus Christ.
This does not mean that we should allow them to attack us be it with physical violence or impose laws upon our faith that diminish and subdue our faith. All humans are corrupt beings. We all sin. No one is perfect or better than anyone else is. The teaching of Christ though give us a way to change this. It allows us to love our neighbor and our enemy. It allows us to tolerate their choices even though bad. Are we perfect? No. Have we made mistakes? Yes.
When you see intolerance, you see hatred, which is the opposite of Christ and the love He instructed us to follow. Many times throughout history, this intolerance overflowed and threaten the children of God. The result…. war.
We must be willing not only to live for love, but also to die for it, for when we do so it is for the betterment of all humankind.
If you notice, all intolerance comes from those that deny or do not accept that God is our Lord.
Look carefully at events about you and things you see on the news.
North Korea cyber-attack on Sony…. intolerance.
The mayor of Houston TX subpoenaing churches for their sermons ….. intolerance.
Any dictatorship in the world… intolerance.
Radical Islamic groups like ISIS (ISIL) …. intolerance.
The killing of two policemen as they set in their patrol car…… intolerance.
Any time you see intolerant actions and behavior it is being done by those that wish to impose what they want you to do and think. No other way of thinking is right.
On the inverse are those that truly follow their faith in God. They tolerate sin. They tolerate other people demanding this or that. They are following the teaching of Christ that is how true love of your neighbor or enemy really works.
When those that wish to silence others rear their head they are actually showing that all they care for is themselves, their believes and their cause. They are missing out on so much it is truly saddening, for it is their intolerance and hatred that causes so much strife and anger.
Why does it take place, because those before them through their intolerance removed God from places where His presence caused there to be true tolerance and love for others. God should be once again seen in schools and in public. Due to His removal chaos has erupted in this nation to the point that those the teach intolerance has now caused the death of two truly innocent men to die a death they did not deserve.

This post is dedicated to Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

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