Sad facts about those that call themselves “Christian”

Many live with the delusion that they are Christian. Yes, I said delusion. I have lived this lie. Thinking I was Christian and yet living in and of the world.
What does it mean to live in and of the world?
The best way I can describe it is all your actions and behavior lead you to think of yourself, that all there is to life is the life you now live. You are more concerned with sports, fashion, television, the latest gadget or game. This is in and of the world.
It is true that you still need some diversions. We all need that, but when the diversion becomes the main focus of your life then it is as I said before living in and of the world.
We are told in the Bible that we are to place God first and always, day and night every day. It can be done, because I am living it right this moment. Am I perfect? By all means no no no, but I am at least making a major effort at trying.
I literally had to lose most of my possessions to finally come to understand that God must be the focus of our everyday life. Questions like: “Does this reflect God?” “Would Jesus do this?” “Am I saying the right thing to glorify God?” Are only a small example of questions I ask myself every single day.
Can you say you do this? Are you for example driving the speed limit? Yes the speed limit, which is actually something we are instructed to do in the Bible (Titus 3:1). We are instructed to honor the laws set forth by man and when we do so we honor God. When these laws go against God we are also instructed to work to change them to where God is honored. Yet today more and more of God is being forced out of public view.
We are entering into a new dark age. A time of ignorance and strife, but why do I say ignorance? Do you know that most people have never read the Bible and nearly as much have no desire to. Yet they listen to people that parade themselves as preachers of God’s truth yet they lie manipulate, cause fear, anger, destruction as well as false hope and contribute to the believe that this world has all you will ever need. Since no one has read the Bible they think it is fact and given by God, this is totally opposite of the teachings of the Bible.
Love and honor God first and foremost. Then love your neighbor as you would love yourself. The only time you are mentioned is to emulate how you would like to be treated and to treat your neighbor that way. Oh and by the way, everyone about you is your neighbor. When you can do this most of the time, then you can call yourself a Christian and it will be the truth.

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