This is for the football fans (an understanding of the trial called life)

You can see how life is for all as you watch an American football game.
The kick off. The ball source down the field. Expectation and excitement fills the air as all watch to the ball. It is caught, the player goes to a knee, or he runs down the field a short distance and is stopped dead in his tracks. Then on very rear occasions, the play that caught the ball runs all the way to the opposite side of the field and scores.
Each possession of the ball no matter the team is like a moment in someone’s life as they strive for their goal. At first, it is just ten yards away. Then they are shoved back and it is further to their goal. At times, they pass, the ball is caught, and a new goal is started once that one ends.
As the team strives forward for the ultimate goal, the touchdown, they are battered and pushed back, but the struggle ever forward. This is how life is and the ultimate goal varies per the persons understanding of life. Most seek after riches and comfort, but that is not the goal they should be seeking. Why? Because they will never be satisfied. The gun sounding the end of the quarter goes off and the process starts all over again but in a new direction. This is the life we are all promised. We all must endure these struggles.
What is different for a Christian that truly pursues a relationship with God is the goals they seek after. Their goals are to help others. Their touchdown is when someone else comes to understand that God is real and accepts Jesus into their lives. Other goals will be to seek a better understanding of the teachings of Christ so they will do better and help others come to know the Lord.
Then when the final gun sounds for the end of the final quarter of their life they will be ready, happy and excited to begin the next journey of the life and to see the wonders of the universe as only a disciple of Jesus will be able to witness.

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