Millennial outreach #9

“The world owes me!!”

These are the words many, especially those that attend colleges, shout out constantly. Most became followers of Bernie Sanders. A man until the age of 40 never had a job, and that job was mayor.
When saying the Lord’s Prayer. One part of the prayer requests we be given our daily bread. Two thousand years ago food did not miraculously appear in the dinner table. The events of Harry Potter and the feasts in the great hall are not real. Also if you actually read the books. House Elves slaved for hours in the kitchen cooking all the food and placed them on matching tables directly below the tables in the hall. Then through a spell the items on the tables would switch to the tables above.
The lesson from this? Nothing is free and if it is promised who is to slave, toil and suffer just so you can have it for free, because it is owed you.
All must struggle in some form to achieve that which they seek. If any have what they seek just handed to them it will be at the cost of another’s struggles. Plus it will not be appreciated once it is given to you.
A prime example – slavery. The slave master lived in luxury, and was never satisfied. While their slaves were beaten, starved, raped and left to live in squalor. This has been a core element of the Democratic Party in the United States.
Vote for the 13th Amendment: For 100% Republican. Against 77% Democrat
Vote for the 14th Amendment: For 94% Republican. Against 100% Democrat
Vote for the 15th Amendment: For 100% Republican. Against 100% Democrat

When you truly seek knowledge you learn that it only comes through wisdom. That is only achieved through struggles, conflicts, adversity and humility. These are all things taught within the Bible.
When the Nazarene was rejected by those who knew Him his entire life, He knew adversity.
When Jesus was confronted by those in religious power, He knew conflict.
When Christ was arrested, beaten, whipped and then hung bloody upon a cross. He experienced true struggle. The struggle to let His Father’s will be fulfilled.
Today’s world is soft compared to events not only two thousand years ago, but seventy to seventy five years ago. Many today would not survive the simplest of issues or difficulties that those that lived in those times overcame. Sometimes with easy, other times through adversity, conflict and struggle.
Those that are older and alive today have earned their rewards for the most part. They are not owed them. They purchased them with their sweat, blood and tears.
How much have you truly scarified?

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: the struggle

There are times when I am weak and I hate it. I strive to do what is right yet I still do wrong. I hate it. I truly hate it.
I have failed God, I have failed Jesus and I have failed myself.
At the same time Satan is joyous and celebrating.
Yet still I go on. I pray and plead for forgiveness. Yet I still go on.
Each day I waken here within this temporal plain I know my task is not yet completed.
I have not finished God’s design within my life.
What is it you wish me to do dear Lord?
What have I not done?
Who has not heard the message you have given to me to share?
Is this why I am still hear?
The prayer:
I wish to kneel at Your feet and give all praise and glory unto You for only You are worthy of any and all acclaim.
Please Lord God guide me toward Your goal You have set for me within my life.
Please allow me to reach the pinnacle of my service unto You.
For you have created all there is and those here upon this small speck of sand within this vast universe take it and You for granted.
As I myself do time to time and I ask you to forgive me for doing so.
This nation is in dire straits and it is all due to those that live within it taking it and You for granted and turning their backs upon the blessing You have given this nation since its foundation two hundred and forty years ago.
It this time of our great trial yet give us the knowledge and the strength to do what is right now.
For the chance to truly do what was Your ideal is past beyond our control.
Guide those that call You Lord be they right with You or not to do what will give all glory unto You. No matter the cost that will be required to do so.
I ask all this in the name of your Son the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: Ten years

As I write this it is the tenth anniversary of the day I started working where I now work. This week is also the tenth year I have lived in the northeast of this nation.
I use to love to work at the place I am employed at. Now, not so much so.
The reason for it is the same. The people.
My informative years were spent all over the mid-west and the west, but the majority of my life I lived in the south. I have seen this nation. I have been to forty-two of the lower forty-eight states. I have seen the beauties of this nation, the wonders, and I have been exposed to a large portion of the people of this nation.
Of all the people, those in the northeast are the most self-absorbed, self-severing, self-centered people I have ever in my life encountered.
It explains to a degree why I came so close to losing my salvation living here.
Yet God still has a purpose for me and even though he placed me through a year of Job to get my head on straight once again. I have learned much living here. I see a cancer that is spreading throughout this nation. A cancer known as lukewarmness.
People go about thinking they are one with God, yet they have no real concept of what is required to honor and give praise to the Creator of the universe.
They have no concept of what is even written within the Bible, for most have never even bothered to read it.
The cancer has it core in this region of the United States because this is the old part of this nation. It all started here two and forty years ago.
I saw some of the symptom elsewhere in the U.S. However here it is the most pronounced I have ever seen. The most visible. The most unashamed to show their lack of caring or understanding. Not only for others but for God.
In my year of Job it was driven home that materialism is something that is taking the place of God all over this once proud nation. People seek to gain their earthly rewards not realizing they are surrendering eternal rewards in the process.
In my ten years I have lived in this culture to selfishness and self-serving it has been a struggle to maintain a grip upon the reality that most have never come to understand or realize. Many mouth their belief in God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, yet nothing of any substance comes from most. There are those that show an understanding of God, the Bible and even to a degree of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
Now I know without a question that our sinfulness is a struggle that strives to defeat our faith in God. I know our souls are locked in a corrupt body. However that does not permit or condone the open and unending acceptance of sin within one’s life. It is something I know we all struggle with first hand, but I also believe as long as we with honest effort strive to overcome sin we are still heading toward Christ.
That being said, we cannot have our cake and eat it too. We cannot live in continued and unrepentant sin. This is made clear many times within the Word of God. Yet most about me do just that and have this true belief that they are going to enter into heaven.
It is saddening to see this. When I can, I try to correct what I can, but if they are not receptive what can be done? Nothing, but continue when able to try.
In this last ten years I have seen this nation go down a road I never thought possible, but it is and again I am saddened.
In this last ten years I have come to a point of understanding that when the Rapture does occur, far fewer than I ever imagined will be caught up into heaven. I once imagined millions of Americans vanishing in the blink of an eye. Now I have a hard time seeing that number actually reaching a million. Every day I have doubts I will even make it, but still I strive to accomplish that goal if I am still even alive when that event that signals the beginning of great horrors that are about to befall all of the humanity that is left upon this planet; set off to the side of one of the spirals in the galaxy of the Milky Way which resides nearly by itself in the super cluster called Laniakea.
All I can continue to do is try to honor my Savior and Creator and pray it will be enough, for I seek after that wondrous and glorious reward that lies in the billions of years of eternal life that is yet to be. Praise you Lord God, Praise you Jesus, Amen.

This is for the football fans (an understanding of the trial called life)

You can see how life is for all as you watch an American football game.
The kick off. The ball source down the field. Expectation and excitement fills the air as all watch to the ball. It is caught, the player goes to a knee, or he runs down the field a short distance and is stopped dead in his tracks. Then on very rear occasions, the play that caught the ball runs all the way to the opposite side of the field and scores.
Each possession of the ball no matter the team is like a moment in someone’s life as they strive for their goal. At first, it is just ten yards away. Then they are shoved back and it is further to their goal. At times, they pass, the ball is caught, and a new goal is started once that one ends.
As the team strives forward for the ultimate goal, the touchdown, they are battered and pushed back, but the struggle ever forward. This is how life is and the ultimate goal varies per the persons understanding of life. Most seek after riches and comfort, but that is not the goal they should be seeking. Why? Because they will never be satisfied. The gun sounding the end of the quarter goes off and the process starts all over again but in a new direction. This is the life we are all promised. We all must endure these struggles.
What is different for a Christian that truly pursues a relationship with God is the goals they seek after. Their goals are to help others. Their touchdown is when someone else comes to understand that God is real and accepts Jesus into their lives. Other goals will be to seek a better understanding of the teachings of Christ so they will do better and help others come to know the Lord.
Then when the final gun sounds for the end of the final quarter of their life they will be ready, happy and excited to begin the next journey of the life and to see the wonders of the universe as only a disciple of Jesus will be able to witness.