Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: the struggle

There are times when I am weak and I hate it. I strive to do what is right yet I still do wrong. I hate it. I truly hate it.
I have failed God, I have failed Jesus and I have failed myself.
At the same time Satan is joyous and celebrating.
Yet still I go on. I pray and plead for forgiveness. Yet I still go on.
Each day I waken here within this temporal plain I know my task is not yet completed.
I have not finished God’s design within my life.
What is it you wish me to do dear Lord?
What have I not done?
Who has not heard the message you have given to me to share?
Is this why I am still hear?
The prayer:
I wish to kneel at Your feet and give all praise and glory unto You for only You are worthy of any and all acclaim.
Please Lord God guide me toward Your goal You have set for me within my life.
Please allow me to reach the pinnacle of my service unto You.
For you have created all there is and those here upon this small speck of sand within this vast universe take it and You for granted.
As I myself do time to time and I ask you to forgive me for doing so.
This nation is in dire straits and it is all due to those that live within it taking it and You for granted and turning their backs upon the blessing You have given this nation since its foundation two hundred and forty years ago.
It this time of our great trial yet give us the knowledge and the strength to do what is right now.
For the chance to truly do what was Your ideal is past beyond our control.
Guide those that call You Lord be they right with You or not to do what will give all glory unto You. No matter the cost that will be required to do so.
I ask all this in the name of your Son the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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