Millennial outreach #2

Wishing to help all
This is one of the key elements that those that preach Socialism throw out to those willing to hear and listen. It has been this way since the beginning of the 20th century. This was one of the selling points by Lenin and Marx during the revolution that overthrew the Russian Empire.
Another key element in Socialism is the rejection of religions or more accurately God.
Now here is something that has been done throughout the centuries. Not just the open rejection of God, but the belief that humans can govern and control other humans. This is what Socialism boils down to. A government of select people dictating through rules and regulations who can have what and how much. This is a key element of most democracies as well as monarchies throughout all time. This however is not a key element of a republic which was the original governmental makeup of the United States when it was first founded.
Those that belief that Socialism has never been done in the “right state of mind,” is a fallacy from the very beginning. It always starts in honorable ideals and actions, but always ends very badly.
But for now we will leave this alone and bring in another aspect. That being Christianity. Most of you will not believe this, but the Bible actually does describe how a community of Christians are to interact with each other. Christian’s are instructed to care for the widows and orphans of their fellows. It clearly states that if God has blessed them with worldly wealth not to horde it but to share it with their fellows that have not been given wealth.
Since I have never seen this done in the correct manner in my entire lifetime then I can understand why so many Millennials seek after Socialism.
Here is the problem. It is not, nor has ever been, the responsibility of the government to provide for the wellbeing of those within their respective communities. It is the responsibility without taxation of those within the communities to address the issues themselves. Whenever a third party known as a government gets involved in the situation it opens the door to corruption, greed and mismanagement. This is one reason why this nation was founded as a republic and why the federal government had limited powers. This is why the majority of power was left in the hands of the states. For those closest to the problems could handle them better. The further you get away from the problems the odds of solving them becomes impossible to achieve.
Now to return to allowing the government to be your caregiver, which is the basic tenants of Socialism. Two countries in the world went to full socialism, which then took the next logical step of becoming communism which is that the government controls every aspect of your life. I lived in the time when these two nations were coming to an end. One the U.S.S.R. which refused to let go of the socialist ideals, even though corruption had been prevalent within ten years of its forming. I watched the news has they showed lines of people waiting to get into their local markets just to pick up what they could to eat. Usually bread and butter. On the other end of the spectrum you had those in the upper levels of their government living wealthy lives and eating caviar as well as any other food they wished to have. They surrounded themselves with beautiful women who were their mainly just to survive and to steal want little food they could get the hands on to give to their families.
The same was happening in China, but as they saw the soon downfall of the U.S.S.R. they realized they must adapt and change. So in 1978 they allowed the return of capitalism into their nation once again. However still the majority of it citizen must struggle to survive while those in power live in luxury.
I also suggest you listen to how things are for North Korea a small communist country and you will hear the same horror stories and of political purging time and again. This is where Socialism always leads.
A prime example in history of the first true Socialist endeavor was the French Revolution, even though they were not strictly following a known socialist doctrine. The ideals and reasons behind it were nearly the same as the removal of the Russian Emperor at the beginning of the twentieth century. The result was the guillotine and then a power hungry dictator named Napoleon.
Socialism always ends up worse for the common human being and only a select few live in wealth and luxury while the rest live in poverty and starvation. It is simply a modified dictatorship or monarchy.
You can never get something for nothing. That is why capitalism is the best way to succeed and allows everyone the opportunity to do so.
It is here that many of you reading will scoff and curse at what I just said. Examples of those living in poverty now within many of the inner cities within the United States will spring to your mind. Yet what you are actually seeing is Socialism already in practice within the inner cities. Most within these areas already rely upon the government to survive and they are governed by strict regulations not allowing them to gain money without destroying their families in the process.
What is needed is the removal of government not the increase and more dependents upon those few in power that feel they are better than anyone else. These are things that are taught within the Bible to look for, and I challenge you to pick one up and read it, just make sure it is not a NIV version for that one has been modified by those that wish to control and govern you.

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