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Why is knowing history so important?
Even more than ever before it is obvious that if you fail to learn history you are destined to repeat it. I hear almost daily of Socialist attacking, shouting down or berating those that have a view that is not theirs. They scream of equality and tolerance yet have none of their own. I am reminded of other socialist in another era. That of the National Socialist German Workers Party of 1930s Germany.
They too beat those that did not agree with them. They too spoke of tolerance yet had none. They too had a pet agenda of a superior race and group. That they knew better than anyone else.
I also remember a certain president singing praises of their leader. A president who had the same views and ideas and even practices, which resulted in magnifying a depression to a Great Depression. He also locked up an entire race of people just as the German socialist did. The only difference being he did not slaughter them.
Within history is documents that speak of a Jew who rose from the dead, and those in power made up excuses for the missing body from the tomb. On these documents is a hearing of this person’s half-brother who saw Him after His resurrection and became an ardent follower unto a horrible death. These are the things we learn from history.
Yet today those that do not know history repeat the actions of the socialist in Germany. Why? Because they do not know history. They do not research for the truth and instead take the words of others as right when in reality what they are being told are lies.
Why are they being lied to? Because they have shown themselves to be selfish and self-serving. This is the very same behavior that was of the youth in the 1930. It was their fathers that had messed up and took from them what, as they were told, was rightfully theirs.
Germany was going through its own depression. Caused by their defeat in World War I. A defeat that was only brought about by poverty and starvation due to a poor support system for the very war they fought. Their burdensome conditions that were imposed upon them by the victors of the first war did not help matters and cause bitterness and hatred.
But this hatred needed a focal point, something or someone to take out their anger, but at the same time make it unattainable to truly fix the problems. Thus the hatred of the Jewish people was begun. They hatred for not having their nation grow as they say it should. So they focused all this hatred upon the Jews and those that supported the Jews. That being all other nations. For the Third Reich was formed out of pure humans and all other humans were inferior, but especially the Jews.
In today’s mentality of the left, they are the superior beings and the conservatives are the inferior, especially the Christians and the Jews. For they do not allow those that are superior to live their lives as they see fit and how they wish to live and be treated for they are the new master race. Through their intellect and knowledge for no others can be as smart as they are for they do not see that these select must rule and control all others, which are stupid and inferior.
However by this very mentality, this very thought process they show that in reality they are the inferior, and ignorant. For they did not see that this has been all done before. Not just in Germany, but in Ancient Rome. In Ancient Babylon, in Ancient Egypt. All with the same result. Those that saw themselves as superior and special were killed and slaughter for the most part. While those that survived become the slaves and servants to those that they once call inferior.
This is why it is important to truly seek after knowledge, which is not taught from the auditoriums of speakers called professors, but from books. Not books published in the last twenty years, but books printed before this time. A prime example: The Bible. For it is the ultimate history book.

Millennial outreach #3


As we all know there are by category multiple religions, per Wikipedia twenty of them to be exact. The truly oldest of these is Judaism, which is a factor that we will get back too, but you need to remember this fact. At this time though we will center on the word “religion” itself.
Per Merriam-Webster one of the definitions is:
“An organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods”
Now note that it is an “organized system,” with “rules.”
Here is the thing, there is ideals and principles that are taught within the New Testament of the Bible. Now there were rules and requisites established in the Old Testament or by its other name the Torah, some of which the ideals and principles point in the newer parts of the Bible. However these rules were made of a different time and the need for them changed once Jesus of Nazareth entered the picture. But this point is a distraction at the moment even though it was necessary to mention.
What I wish to key in on though where do these rules and need to organize come from?
They come from a need by humanity to have structure and control over any given aspect of their lives. For without some sense of stability humanity as a whole loses control.
Does this desire of humans seeking control of their own existence exclude that there is a God? No it does not even though there are religions that do dictate this very ideal. In fact nearly one billion people think this very way, but they themselves constitute being labeled and counted as religious even though they themselves for the most part will deny this. They have their own organized system of beliefs and their own rules, they just choose to exclude the fact that there may actually be a God.
If you have ever entered into these buildings which are called “churches,” you will encounter a community of people which reflect many of the dynamics you most likely encountered during High School. There is a good reason for this. For those dynamics have been transplanted for the non-religious aspects of the halls of academia into this building people attend once or twice a week, if that. This is a factor in the need for organization that humans seek to have a feeling there is some type of control in their lives.
This however has nothing to do with God, even though there is the pretense of worshiping Him. It is this charade that fills all religions that has turned so many away from God, and it is all due for humanity to have rules and regulations about how they are to act and behave, within the buildings that are called “churches.”
Those that turn away from churches see this hypocrisy and so in turn see the being known as “God” to be lie, a fallacy, a fabrication, a fiction. Not realizing that what they are rejecting is in reality the rules, structure and organizations made by human beings. They are rejecting humanity and the human image of God. They are also rejecting the social system that was transplanted from High School by those attending these social clubs called a “church.”
I cannot attest for most of the other religions in this world, but this I do know. The God of the Bible and the Torah. The God that is the focal point of the longest lasting religion is not nor ever has been what he is shown to be within these social clubs that have stolen the name “church” from.
Many within the religion of atheism have strived hard to remove any portrayal or images of God from the public environment having already come to the conclusion that the hypocrites within the social clubs mentioned above would drive out people that are truly seeking to know what is real. They in turn give their own religious message on the fact that there is no God. They will spout out their own theories and ideals that have their own organization and rules that must be adhered to like spread hate and belittling those that do not agree with their point of view.
One of the methods they do this is to throw out this idea that the Bible and the Torah are myths. Their pretense for this is that anything that is written about any particular person or event in history that is made one hundred and fifty years after the fact is a false narrative since there are none alive to counter this myth that has come into being by the writer.
A prime example, the story of the siege of Troy. The Iliad was written four hundred years after the siege took place and within it are several events that can be said to be mythical. None contest this.
Here is the point though. Those that state there is no God and that Jesus was not a real person or that he did not rise from the dead made these assertions over one and fifty years after the actual event when it is documented that the New Testament was written within twenty to twenty five years, with oral traditions traced back to within eight years after the crucifixion and resurrection. This allows people alive at that time to challenge these statements by those that were the enemies of Jesus like the Pharisees, and those that did see Him after His resurrection including five hundred at one time, and since none did, that shows that those creating the myth are those that state Jesus did not rise from the dead and state there is no God.
It is also after the one hundred and fifty years that many of the rules and rituals created by humanity started to take place and over shadow the truth and the facts found within the Bible.
So those within all religions associated with Christianity have in many ways created an organized and rule oriented mythos and applied them within their “churches” thus leading to many either not going to church, denying the very existence of God or denying the resurrection of Jesus.
So religions for the most part are at odds with the Bible and with God at this time. It is up to each person to fully study the Bible and come to understand that God is real and that His Son did in fact walk this planet two thousand years ago. It is fact that he never sinned and died upon the cross for our sin. If that is the case, which it is. We must then truly learn the Bible and come to understand that through its teaching we can move on from this live into a higher and eternal existence that is no longer, in most cases, truly found in most religions.
A point that does need to be made. Yes you can say there are still “rules” within the Bible. There is a difference between man-made rules and those things which come from God through His Son Jesus. The teaching that come from the Bible are something that when you accept salvation are things you seek to keep and to follow. The rules made by humanity are designed to fulfill the wishes and the desires of that religion that has been made not by God.
Example: the Catholic Church and the requirement to go to confession, using a human to tell your sins to when all that is required is to pray to God through Jesus and ask forgiveness. There is a bit more involved but that is a topic for another time.

Millennial outreach #2

Wishing to help all
This is one of the key elements that those that preach Socialism throw out to those willing to hear and listen. It has been this way since the beginning of the 20th century. This was one of the selling points by Lenin and Marx during the revolution that overthrew the Russian Empire.
Another key element in Socialism is the rejection of religions or more accurately God.
Now here is something that has been done throughout the centuries. Not just the open rejection of God, but the belief that humans can govern and control other humans. This is what Socialism boils down to. A government of select people dictating through rules and regulations who can have what and how much. This is a key element of most democracies as well as monarchies throughout all time. This however is not a key element of a republic which was the original governmental makeup of the United States when it was first founded.
Those that belief that Socialism has never been done in the “right state of mind,” is a fallacy from the very beginning. It always starts in honorable ideals and actions, but always ends very badly.
But for now we will leave this alone and bring in another aspect. That being Christianity. Most of you will not believe this, but the Bible actually does describe how a community of Christians are to interact with each other. Christian’s are instructed to care for the widows and orphans of their fellows. It clearly states that if God has blessed them with worldly wealth not to horde it but to share it with their fellows that have not been given wealth.
Since I have never seen this done in the correct manner in my entire lifetime then I can understand why so many Millennials seek after Socialism.
Here is the problem. It is not, nor has ever been, the responsibility of the government to provide for the wellbeing of those within their respective communities. It is the responsibility without taxation of those within the communities to address the issues themselves. Whenever a third party known as a government gets involved in the situation it opens the door to corruption, greed and mismanagement. This is one reason why this nation was founded as a republic and why the federal government had limited powers. This is why the majority of power was left in the hands of the states. For those closest to the problems could handle them better. The further you get away from the problems the odds of solving them becomes impossible to achieve.
Now to return to allowing the government to be your caregiver, which is the basic tenants of Socialism. Two countries in the world went to full socialism, which then took the next logical step of becoming communism which is that the government controls every aspect of your life. I lived in the time when these two nations were coming to an end. One the U.S.S.R. which refused to let go of the socialist ideals, even though corruption had been prevalent within ten years of its forming. I watched the news has they showed lines of people waiting to get into their local markets just to pick up what they could to eat. Usually bread and butter. On the other end of the spectrum you had those in the upper levels of their government living wealthy lives and eating caviar as well as any other food they wished to have. They surrounded themselves with beautiful women who were their mainly just to survive and to steal want little food they could get the hands on to give to their families.
The same was happening in China, but as they saw the soon downfall of the U.S.S.R. they realized they must adapt and change. So in 1978 they allowed the return of capitalism into their nation once again. However still the majority of it citizen must struggle to survive while those in power live in luxury.
I also suggest you listen to how things are for North Korea a small communist country and you will hear the same horror stories and of political purging time and again. This is where Socialism always leads.
A prime example in history of the first true Socialist endeavor was the French Revolution, even though they were not strictly following a known socialist doctrine. The ideals and reasons behind it were nearly the same as the removal of the Russian Emperor at the beginning of the twentieth century. The result was the guillotine and then a power hungry dictator named Napoleon.
Socialism always ends up worse for the common human being and only a select few live in wealth and luxury while the rest live in poverty and starvation. It is simply a modified dictatorship or monarchy.
You can never get something for nothing. That is why capitalism is the best way to succeed and allows everyone the opportunity to do so.
It is here that many of you reading will scoff and curse at what I just said. Examples of those living in poverty now within many of the inner cities within the United States will spring to your mind. Yet what you are actually seeing is Socialism already in practice within the inner cities. Most within these areas already rely upon the government to survive and they are governed by strict regulations not allowing them to gain money without destroying their families in the process.
What is needed is the removal of government not the increase and more dependents upon those few in power that feel they are better than anyone else. These are things that are taught within the Bible to look for, and I challenge you to pick one up and read it, just make sure it is not a NIV version for that one has been modified by those that wish to control and govern you.

Millennial outreach #1

This is the first of many post, I hope, that will be aimed at giving some insight into things like Socialism, Capitalism, Christianity and maybe so other topics.
Give God a chance.
Now I open with this topic because I realize that many within the Millennials do not think there is a God, or if they do their view of the Creator is not fully informed.
Don’t judge a book by its cover. This is a time old adage and can easily be applied here. But what is the cover of the book of God? I don’t mean the Bible, but that will come into play later. I mean what is the face of God that you see presented in the world today?
Many will say the church, which is the correct answer. As you can see throughout the world there are many religions. Christianity is the largest of these and there is a good reason why, but that is not important at the moment. What we are centering on is the buildings called “churches.”
The word “church” appears within the Bible only in the New Testament and is the word “ekklesia” in the Greek, which is defined as:
“An assembly, congregation, church; the Church, the whole body of Christian believers”
As you can tell from the wording it is the people that are the “church” not the building itself, yet that is what today’s definition of the word, which is the building not the people.
This was one of the first big mistakes that have occurred over the centuries and there have been many. All due to humanity. People have been replacing God with themselves ever since the beginning of the human race, and it has never stopped. This is why the cover of the book of God is something not pleasing to look at by most. For the cover you are looking at is not God, but humans placing their own personal views of what God is to them that you are seeing.
That is one reason there are so many divisions within Christianity itself. You have the Catholics which is the longest surviving image of a type of Christianity, but it is stuff full of humans imposing their own agendas within it. Then we have the Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, etc. You get the point.
Again these are not God, these are just humans trying to give themselves some type of order in which they feel comfortable in their attempts to worship the Creator of the Universe.
Now here I will get a lot of snickers and scoffs because I used the statement “Creator of the Universe.” Many will be saying that the universe is too large for a divine being to have created, but that is just the point, God is that great.
One of problems that those that say there is no God have is they cannot handle the concept of creation itself. Most within the churches hold to Creationism, that everything came into existence in six days. Now as can be seen with things like fossils and layers of the earth that show a progression back in time, this does not fully hold together. On the other hand we have those that believe the earth is billions of years old, this view does not hold together as well. So if neither view point is correct how does that prove there is a God?
One of the main point of science when it comes to the creation of the universe is the Big Bang, or as it should be stated the “Big Bang Theory” for no humans were present at the creation of the universe so it can never become an absolute, so the word “theory” must remain attached. Anyway, so the theory goes that from nothing or nearly nothing and in less than the blink of an eye an explosion of matter erupts outward causing the creation of the entire universe. Now let that description sink in for a moment.
Could this not be the action of a divine being?
The answer is yes it is. Then this shows that God is a real possibility.
Now it is time to mention the Bible, but I will stick to the Old Testament for the moment. Within these books there is over forty prophecies about the Savior. Where He will come from, when He will arrive and even the fact that He will be rejected and killed, just to point out some of the forty plus. The statistical odds for all the prophecies to come true is 1 in 10 to the 15th power in other words:
Yet every single one of these prophecies was fulfilled in the being that is known as Jesus of Nazareth.
Only odds like that can be fulfilled by a divine being.
So if the action of creation shows there is most likely a divine being and the odds that Jesus fulfilled every single prophecy about Him and He is the Son of the divine being we call God, then there is a God and Jesus Christ died for your sins that you are committing.
So I will end this here and allow you to think and ponder on this. Then we will continue at some point in the future, but in the meantime if you cannot wait you are more than welcome to look though my past blog post and read those as well.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: I find it astonishing

“What is it you find astonishing?” asks you the read.
How those that feel they are up holding Christianity, in their eyes, gleefully supporting a person like Donald Trump.
As has been fully established Mr. Trump is a mere human being with flaws and sins of his own to account for.
But those that call themselves “Christian” and oppose Mr. Trump are not doing so out of hate, nor are the majority of them attacking or judging those that do support this mere mortal.
Here is how I see it from my own personal viewpoint.
I have shown within the Bible that from all that has been shown and seen that Mr. Trump is of the world. I have seen no change in this whatsoever. In fact it has been proven more and more that this is the case. The Bible makes it clear that we are to avoid people like this, especially if we are seeking to have them lead us.
The Bible also shows what we are to look for in a leader that does follow the Bible. This again is fully shown not to be how Mr. Trump acts. If you seek further details look through my past articles to get a more detailed look into these points. I will not bother to restate them now for it will distract from where I am trying to get to with this article.
I will say this. Yes there is a divide that has been made very clear within this election. I strongly and wholeheartedly feel it is due to the coming judgment that is approaching this nation and possibly the world itself.
God has sought in the past to see where those that say they followed Him stood. The uniqueness of this nation’s ability to vote for our leaders is also a tool made by God Himself to judge where the heart of this nation’s people stands. The vote shows where people’s hearts and minds are. Where their understanding of God and the Bible stands. (Those that question that God established how this nation picks its leaders has already shown they know nothing of God so I will not bother to explain my belief in that any further for again that is a distraction.)
When the people of Israel were to make account of themselves it was through prayer, supplication and adherence to the Torah. Time and again they failed at this, turning to live in and of the world and each time God punished them till finally in A.D. 7 0 the destruction of the second Temple and the scattering of the nation throughout the world took place. Ever since Reagan left office each Presidential election that has followed we have progressively gotten a choice of ever worse candidates till we have reached the present selection. The worst of them all to have ever run for this office.
In the last election God made it very clear we had an out, but 54,000,000 people that professed to be “Christian” stayed home mainly due to the fact that a Mormon was the candidate. This nation is now suffering the price for this decision to stay home. Everything that has happened in the last four years is on all the heads of those that stayed home, just because the Republican candidate was not “Christian” in their point of view. Yet they have not repented. They have not turned to God and asked for His forgiveness.
Many here will now protest what I have just stated, especially those that are the ones that call themselves “Christian” and have rallied behind Trump.
Here is the thing.
The mere fact that they have rallied behind this man of the world shows they have no true understanding of the Bible or of salvation itself. Their eagerness to run to this man has shown to not only the world, but to God. That they are blind to the truth. That they are hypocrites and they wonder why the Millennials are turning to Socialism and rejecting God.
What the real problem is, is that neither those that call themselves “Christian” nor the Millennials, for the most part have been shown the real image of “Christianity.”
True Christianity does not seek after wealth or rewards upon this earth. True Christianity does not horde the wealth they have for themselves but willingly share it with those in need, not through taxation or allowing the government to do it, but they do it themselves and willingly. This is the very thing that Millennials are seeking to do by running to Socialism, but they have been lied to on what will come from Socialism. Most are not aware that more humans were killed under Mao and Stalin (over 100,000,000) then have died under any of the forty three President of the United States put together. I am not counting wars. I am counting killed just for not agreeing with those in power.
This is the road that the Millennials are heading us down all due to those that think they are “Christian” when in reality they are not.
What needs to change is that all need to come to a true discernment of who God really is. They need to come to a true understanding of who Jesus Christ died for. They need to came to the point of comprehension that true Christianity is not becoming rich and powerful but living modestly and humbly, placing those in need before themselves, which Socialism may promise by its designed to do, but never has nor ever will achieve, because one main element is missing from Socialism………. GOD.
Whenever humanity seeks to control humanity by stating it can only be achieved by humanity, tyranny, famine and death result all due to what comes from within a human being:
Mark 7:20 – And then he added, “It is what comes from inside that defiles you. 21 For from within, out of a person’s heart, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, 22 adultery, greed, wickedness, deceit, lustful desires, envy, slander, pride, and foolishness. 23 All these vile things come from within; they are what defile you.”