Millennial outreach #1

This is the first of many post, I hope, that will be aimed at giving some insight into things like Socialism, Capitalism, Christianity and maybe so other topics.
Give God a chance.
Now I open with this topic because I realize that many within the Millennials do not think there is a God, or if they do their view of the Creator is not fully informed.
Don’t judge a book by its cover. This is a time old adage and can easily be applied here. But what is the cover of the book of God? I don’t mean the Bible, but that will come into play later. I mean what is the face of God that you see presented in the world today?
Many will say the church, which is the correct answer. As you can see throughout the world there are many religions. Christianity is the largest of these and there is a good reason why, but that is not important at the moment. What we are centering on is the buildings called “churches.”
The word “church” appears within the Bible only in the New Testament and is the word “ekklesia” in the Greek, which is defined as:
“An assembly, congregation, church; the Church, the whole body of Christian believers”
As you can tell from the wording it is the people that are the “church” not the building itself, yet that is what today’s definition of the word, which is the building not the people.
This was one of the first big mistakes that have occurred over the centuries and there have been many. All due to humanity. People have been replacing God with themselves ever since the beginning of the human race, and it has never stopped. This is why the cover of the book of God is something not pleasing to look at by most. For the cover you are looking at is not God, but humans placing their own personal views of what God is to them that you are seeing.
That is one reason there are so many divisions within Christianity itself. You have the Catholics which is the longest surviving image of a type of Christianity, but it is stuff full of humans imposing their own agendas within it. Then we have the Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, etc. You get the point.
Again these are not God, these are just humans trying to give themselves some type of order in which they feel comfortable in their attempts to worship the Creator of the Universe.
Now here I will get a lot of snickers and scoffs because I used the statement “Creator of the Universe.” Many will be saying that the universe is too large for a divine being to have created, but that is just the point, God is that great.
One of problems that those that say there is no God have is they cannot handle the concept of creation itself. Most within the churches hold to Creationism, that everything came into existence in six days. Now as can be seen with things like fossils and layers of the earth that show a progression back in time, this does not fully hold together. On the other hand we have those that believe the earth is billions of years old, this view does not hold together as well. So if neither view point is correct how does that prove there is a God?
One of the main point of science when it comes to the creation of the universe is the Big Bang, or as it should be stated the “Big Bang Theory” for no humans were present at the creation of the universe so it can never become an absolute, so the word “theory” must remain attached. Anyway, so the theory goes that from nothing or nearly nothing and in less than the blink of an eye an explosion of matter erupts outward causing the creation of the entire universe. Now let that description sink in for a moment.
Could this not be the action of a divine being?
The answer is yes it is. Then this shows that God is a real possibility.
Now it is time to mention the Bible, but I will stick to the Old Testament for the moment. Within these books there is over forty prophecies about the Savior. Where He will come from, when He will arrive and even the fact that He will be rejected and killed, just to point out some of the forty plus. The statistical odds for all the prophecies to come true is 1 in 10 to the 15th power in other words:
Yet every single one of these prophecies was fulfilled in the being that is known as Jesus of Nazareth.
Only odds like that can be fulfilled by a divine being.
So if the action of creation shows there is most likely a divine being and the odds that Jesus fulfilled every single prophecy about Him and He is the Son of the divine being we call God, then there is a God and Jesus Christ died for your sins that you are committing.
So I will end this here and allow you to think and ponder on this. Then we will continue at some point in the future, but in the meantime if you cannot wait you are more than welcome to look though my past blog post and read those as well.

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