Millennial outreach #9

“The world owes me!!”

These are the words many, especially those that attend colleges, shout out constantly. Most became followers of Bernie Sanders. A man until the age of 40 never had a job, and that job was mayor.
When saying the Lord’s Prayer. One part of the prayer requests we be given our daily bread. Two thousand years ago food did not miraculously appear in the dinner table. The events of Harry Potter and the feasts in the great hall are not real. Also if you actually read the books. House Elves slaved for hours in the kitchen cooking all the food and placed them on matching tables directly below the tables in the hall. Then through a spell the items on the tables would switch to the tables above.
The lesson from this? Nothing is free and if it is promised who is to slave, toil and suffer just so you can have it for free, because it is owed you.
All must struggle in some form to achieve that which they seek. If any have what they seek just handed to them it will be at the cost of another’s struggles. Plus it will not be appreciated once it is given to you.
A prime example – slavery. The slave master lived in luxury, and was never satisfied. While their slaves were beaten, starved, raped and left to live in squalor. This has been a core element of the Democratic Party in the United States.
Vote for the 13th Amendment: For 100% Republican. Against 77% Democrat
Vote for the 14th Amendment: For 94% Republican. Against 100% Democrat
Vote for the 15th Amendment: For 100% Republican. Against 100% Democrat

When you truly seek knowledge you learn that it only comes through wisdom. That is only achieved through struggles, conflicts, adversity and humility. These are all things taught within the Bible.
When the Nazarene was rejected by those who knew Him his entire life, He knew adversity.
When Jesus was confronted by those in religious power, He knew conflict.
When Christ was arrested, beaten, whipped and then hung bloody upon a cross. He experienced true struggle. The struggle to let His Father’s will be fulfilled.
Today’s world is soft compared to events not only two thousand years ago, but seventy to seventy five years ago. Many today would not survive the simplest of issues or difficulties that those that lived in those times overcame. Sometimes with easy, other times through adversity, conflict and struggle.
Those that are older and alive today have earned their rewards for the most part. They are not owed them. They purchased them with their sweat, blood and tears.
How much have you truly scarified?

Confessions of a screwed up middle-aged man: Conflict

So here is the situation I am in at the moment. My step-daughters were not raised in the full light of the Lord and allowed to acclimate to the world. Now don’t get me wrong about them. They are wonderful young women and know there is a God. They are also teens. As we all know teens wish to buck the system, push their boundaries and see how things fall.
When not versed in the Bible though this causes confusion and misunderstandings. A main issue of uncertainty and misinterpretation has to do with the LGBT community. They know I am not happy with these folk’s choices, and so they have come to assume that I hate people that have made these choices in their lives. This is not how I feel at all. I actually am saddened by their choices and have befriended many and when given the chance let them know how I saw their decision.
The other day though, the wife told me in a way what I just related to you the reader. Here is my actual response I gave my wife:
“Well, when they tell this to my face I will say, ‘why is it you hate them?’” The response pointed to the girls.
The wife responded: “You just like to start conflicts.”
I said: “No I don’t. I want to help them understand.”
You see they have not asked Jesus into their lives yet. To them they still say “If there is a God…..”
I cannot say this. I have seen too much and learned too much to ever say “If” ever again. Since to me there is a God and His Son Jesus came upon this earth two thousand years ago and died for OUR sins and then rose again on the third day. This causes me to see the world in black and white. There is no grey for those that walk in the grey are worse off than those in the black. At this time my daughters are walking between the grey and the black, while their friends have embraced the black.
Can they come into the light, into the white? That is my prayer and hope for all concerned, but to cause this to happen there must be conflict. They need to be shown the truth.
Yes, befriend those that live in sin, but you can never support or encourage that which is against God. It clearly states in the Bible if you befriend the world you are an enemy of God. But it also says we are to love our enemies, but to do this we must let them know, from this love, that if they do not leave their lifestyle choice that they will suffer greatly.
If you see someone cutting themselves would you not stop them? Would you not get them help? Well this is what those that are going into the LGBT lifestyle are doing. It is obvious that they are “cutting themselves.” All can see it yet extremely few are trying to help them. Instead the majority encourages them and celebrates their self-mutilation.
I wish to help them, but because God has been removed more and more from society by those that deny there is a God. I and those like me are seen as evil when we are a shining light of the truth to the world in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.