This is the year Christianity should lead

Picture is my lousy attempt at “cartooning” which I dedicate to “Charlie Hebdo”

This is the year that demands the resurgence of the Christian believes and teachings. To long Christians have turned the cheek. To long have Christians set silent. Understand that true Christian faith hates the sin, but loves the sinner.
Jesus was rebuked for spending more time with those that sin. His reply was they needed Him more. That is still true today. It is time Christians started making their believes heard and understood.
Become active in government. Write your congressperson and senator. If they do not listen, run against them.
Do not support things that do not support your Christian values. Do you know I will not watch certain television stations because they show things that are against the teaching of the Bible? If more would do this then these shows would be pulled for low ratings. When you support them you are placing them before your faith and thus before God.
If you scoff at this statement then are you really even Christian. Maybe you should look to yourself then and think where you should be in your standing with God.
Those are just a few things that are giving power to those that deny God and turn from Him. It is your lack of commitment that ultimately fuels hatred of Christianity, because all they see is a hypocrite.

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