If I can tell don’t you think God already knew?

Jesus made it so even the simplest of minds could understand and accept His teachings.
1) LOVE GOD ALWAYS. Place God at the center. Do everything for Him and per the way He said it should be done. Simply if God says something is good in the Bible then it is good and safe. If God says something is bad in the Bible then it is not safe and should be avoided at all costs.
2) Treat everyone like they are you. How would you like to be treated? With kindness, respect, caring, love. Then this is how you should treat EVERYONE. This means your neighbor, the person in the car or truck next to you on the road. People you work with or go to school with.
If you can do this then you are following God. It is also stated in Titus 3:1 to obey the laws of the land and those that enforce these laws.
Signs like “Black life’s matter” are counter to number “2.” What of the White person? What of the Hispanic? What of the Oriental? Do their lives not matter as well? The correct answer is yes, but the moment you make a sign cutting out other races you become a racist. You disobey God thus you deny God. For to God ALL life is precious and has meaning. If we are to make signs like “Black life’s matter,” should we not then make signs that say “Unborn babies matter” Yet the latter would be and has been torn down and torn up when done.
When you listen to those that create a divide within the human race you listen to someone that is Anti-God and in reality hates everyone but themselves. So they have one goal in life to satisfy themselves. They care nothing at all if a black life matters unless they themselves are black and are promised rewards and riches by those in power. The only problem is they will ultimately get nothing since only those in power that have manipulated them will get any type of “reward.”
This is the sad truth of the matter, but will they listen? As long as they deny God the answer is going to be: no they will not.

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