Did you see those two guys being thrown off the roof by ISIS (ISIL)?

I hope you did. Not in a good way by the way. I hope you saw so you can begin to understand the differences between these Islamic Extremist with their Sharia law and Christians.
These two men were accused of being gay. Were they? I do not know. Where they caught sharing their affection for each other? We do not know.
What we do know is that they were called gay. They were summarily judged by Sharia law and this was their punishment. A horrible DEATH.
What do Christians do? They ask you not to commit this sin, for yes it is a sin. Those that practice true Christianity do not turn you away, but they try and introduce you to Jesus and His Father God. They try and reason with those that are willing to listen and get them to turn their back on these sins and embrace a life not in this sin but with the light and love of Christ.
Do we kill them? No. For this is against God. Do we brand them? No for this is again against God.
True Christians love all and only seek that person to turn from their sins and to live the life that God wishes them to live. A heterosexual live. Will it be easy? No. Will there be challenges and hurtles to overcome. Yes.
Also it is wrong for those that live in this sin to force their life choice upon Christendom. It is also wrong for a “church” to welcome those that live in this sin to come into their community without leaving the sin behind. This is placing the sin before God and we are told to always place God first.
What is the most amazing is that those on the left. Those that call themselves liberal. Support and condone this sin. Not only that, but they protect and carter to those that embrace Islamic Extremism. Don’t they realize they are protect that which will turn on them and kill them? Yet they attack and persecute those that only seek to love them.
Talk about an oxymoron.
Let me make this perfectly clear. If Sharia law is allowed it will result in the death of all that call themselves liberal. This is not me saying this. It is what Sharia law says WILL be done. So why do you support something that will result in your horrid death???
Yet you persecute those that just wish you to stop living in sin and yet live. Jesus is the answer. Jesus is life.

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