Confessions of a screwed up middle-aged man: Today someone new added their words to the world of blogging.

Well when I awoke today I was greeted by a message on my cell phone that a post was waiting for me in one of the groups I post to in Facebook. They are the same posts I place here, I just share them there.
Well I read the post and was pleased by what I read. It is a way I sometime, but rarely post. Trust me I have tried, but they don’t work out that way. I was gladdened that this young lady has added her words to those others like mine that can be found upon the internet in the form of blogs. I pray she is able to reach across the world as my own post of done. I pray that they inspire and cause people to think and ponder their own faith and believes in God and come to know God and His plan for them better.
I know I can be harsh in my post, but I can tell you this it is not intentional. I start to write and I just allow the words to flow from me into typed words upon a screen or hastily written words in notebooks. I do not plan what I am going to write, which is different from many write and blog. Thus the subtitle “thoughts out of the blue” for my blog.
One thing I do know is that I try to place upon these word what I feel is pleasing to God. This is what I wish all to write in their own blogs as the reach out unto the world that is in so much need of God and His Son. Too many are unaware of God or even the stories within the Bible.
A Christian comedian was at our church the other day and he mentions that people going to college has no idea about the story of David and his battle with Goliath. It is a sad commentary of our time that in a world with some much knowledge available to all too too few actually go out and seek it. It also explains how so many can act with rudeness and hatred since they no concepts of the teachings of peace and love have given in the Bible.
It is wonderful when another voice is added to those trying to teach of the wonders of God and His Son for their branch will seek to bear fruit where my branch cannot reach and t is pleasing and wonderful to witness this new growth beginning.

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