What is it you think “Christians” do?

I would really like some replies to this post. This is a serious question.
What conceptions do you live with of those that call themselves “Christian?” Why am I asking this question? Because I really think that most out there really do not understand Christianity or have a concept of that is not factual.
Some that reply may call themselves “Christian,” some may not.
I wish to address these replies, not today but over the next few days or weeks depending upon the responses.
I look forward to your replies and thank you for your time in doing so.

One comment

  1. Well, what can I say, except that unlike the demon I have felt the true presence of God in my heart and all the good that he stands for. For years, I lived in a spiritual darkness that I knew deep down in my soul was wrong and damaging. It took some time to repent, but I finally realized that having an open and sympathetic heart, being unselfish, learning to be forgiving and unresentful made my life a lot more fulfilling.

    So, I guess I can say that being born a Christian didn’t necessarily make me a Christian. Until I experienced his calling and tried to share it with others did I realize what Christianity is all about. I’m not a holy roller or a bible thumper, but I try to show other people in my life (in my own way) his way.

    It’s a wicked world we live in so sometimes you have to be a little sneaky. Is that a sin, lol?

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